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When Network Delivers, Business Thrives

Horizon Telecom is committed delivering the best connectivity solutions tailored to match your business requirements globally. We deliver by combining the best industry expertise and experience.

We are Carrier-Neutral and can connect you anywhere, to any location, with any carrier/operator worldwide. All with 1 contract and 1 contact.

Global Connectivity


Global Internet

With our Global Mission Control Centre, you are in charge of all your connections and manage them as 1 global internet solution.

Managed Secure SD WAN

Manage your WAN network based on
your business drivers of capacity and performance and connect your
offices, branches, datacentres,
warehouses and clouds.

Global Datacenter Connectivity

Datacentre hubs are now a core component to enterprise and cloud connectivity. We offer global dedicated datacentre connectivity solutions.

Global Secure Cloud

We believe in a tightly integrated multi-cloud solution. We see companies struggle with data, protection, localization
and integration with the public and
private cloud.

Global WAN

Our Carrier-Neutral tailored designs create a different way of thinking about the WAN. The management of the WAN should no longer influence IT planning.

Ready to join the revolution?

Carrier-Neutral Design

Get the best connectivity solution with a tailored Carrier-Neutral design and bundle and integrate with a multi-cloud solution in one netwerk. All with one invoice, one contract and one point of contact.

Ready to join the revolution?