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Why work with us?

Happy employees

Flexibility is responsibility, and ensures that employees feel at home and give the best of themselves every day. Happy employees are the most significant factor when you think about raising work productivity and creating happy, satisfied customers.

Happy customers

Happy employees mean happy customers. Once we are happy, customer loyalty will increase, and customers will be more engaged with Horizon Telecom. We adapt, innovate and focus on our customers’ requirements and give them back so much more than they expect.

Innovative solutions

Our mission to the moon: providing organizations independent with global Carrier-Neutral and futureproof connectivity. We know how to solve all connectivity challenges worldwide in an authentic and personal way, using the latest technological innovations.

Core Values


We are responsible for achieving our own commitments. Proactive, accountable and empowered to perform.

Service Orientated

We are passionate, self-critical and persistent in everything we do. We challenge the status qua, push boundaries and think outside the box. And we deliver results.


We get better every day. We are not afraid of failure. In fact, we embrace it as a valuable stop in our mission to the moon.


We value flexibility, because employees who have more balanced lives are likely to be emotionally and physically healthier. We are a modern, forward-thinking company, and we spend considerable time on training and development.

Why Horizon Telecom?

Because we know how to solve all connectivity challenges worldwide in an authentic and personal way, using the latest technological innovations. Our ultimate goal is to make connectivity flexible and scalable by delivering tomorrow’s innovation, today.


Application procedure?

You are applying:

First of all, we carefully review your application and we will directly let you know whether we will invite you for an interview. We carefully review every application and want to give it the attention it deserves. Are you currently not eligible for the position or is the right vacancy not listed? Don’t worry, an open application is always welcome.

First conversation:

We will contact you by telephone to schedule the first interview. During this first contact we can get to know you better and you get the possibility to ask all your pressing questions.

Face-to-face meeting:

Is there a match? Then we would like to invite you for a face-to-face meeting. During this meeting, we get to know each other, and we will see if you fit into our flexible business environment.

Second conversation:

During this conversation, we talk more extensively about the content of the position, and the team. We will discuss your CV and the skills required for the position. In this way, we find out if you are the professional that we are looking for. But also whether the position matches what you are looking for.

Work for Horizon Telecom:

In most cases, two interviews are good enough to get an idea. Is there a mutual match? Then we will gladly make you an offer. Do you agree with the offer and sign the contract? As a new Horizon member, you will be introduced to the team. Welcome to Horizon Telecom!


Contact - Talk to an expert

Please contact us, by phone or drop an email below.

General Enquiries

T: +3120 226 1500
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Monday till Friday 08:30 – 17:00


T: +3120 226 1500
M: service@horizontelecom.nl
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T: +3120 226 1500
M: invoice@horizontelecom.nl
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