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What we can do for you?

Colt Service and Project Management

Colt is worldwide leading different Gartner quadrants for connectivity services. In a unique collaboration with Colt, Horizon Telecom is active as a service organization for the Netherlands and Belgium for Colt customers. For Colt customers this means, there is a focused local Dutch point of contact for face-2-face meetings, service reviews and project and service management, for existing and new solutions.

Local Contact

We have a team of Dutch speaking experts which are fully equipped and trained by Colt to assist you through your Colt journey. Benefit from a local contact and at the same time from the possibilities and scale of a global network. This makes it possible for Dutch organizations to work with a local contact point and at the same time to benefit from the highest quality in communication solutions and the economies of scale of a worldwide network.


Global support

Work closely with Horizon to gain quick access to Colt resources, tools and services that help you leverage the most out of your Colt services. We advise on innovative solutions global with a special focus for 24 countries that seamlessly work together across borders.


Total Solution for communication

Every day, 97% of the Fortune 500 now makes active use of the services provided by Colt and the backbone now transports 68% of the daily worldwide internet traffic. However, our consultants understand the need and business challenges when integrating different carriers and different technologies, services at (future) locations. We can help managing Colt and other carriers with our carrier-neutral professional services.