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A Flying Start at Horizon Telecom Thanks to the 100-Day Onboarding Plan

General news
May 17, 2024
A Flying Start at Horizon Telecom Thanks to the 100-Day Onboarding Plan

Welcome, Ton! You’ve been part of our team at Horizon Telecom since April 1st.
How have you experienced the first period?
Thank you! I started on April 1st and time has flown by, largely thanks to the excellently structured 100-day onboarding plan at Horizon Telecom. Having experienced many years and different companies, I can say that a good start is crucial. Unfortunately, many organizations do not pay enough attention to this, but it was very different at Horizon Telecom.

Can you mention some specific benefits of working with the 100-day plan?
Certainly, one of the biggest advantages is the speed at which I was operational. Thanks to the structured approach, which started in the first weeks, I quickly had a clear understanding of my colleagues and the company culture. This significantly shortened the onboarding period and enabled me to focus sooner on my core tasks, such as developing new client relationships.

Did the onboarding plan help you make connections within the organization more quickly?
The well-planned introductory talks were a great help. I quickly got a clear picture of the organizational structure and the people I would be working with. Getting to know colleagues on a personal level creates a solid foundation, making collaborations run smoother. It is always nice when you know and understand the people you work with.

What would you say was the most valuable aspect of the 100-day plan?
That would be the focus on personal development and integration within the team. Horizon Telecom has a clear commitment to the well-being and growth of its employees. This plan made me feel valued and welcome, which makes a huge difference in how quickly you can adapt and be effective in your new role.

Do you have any advice for new employees who are about to start with the 100-day plan?
Be actively involved in every part of the plan and do not hesitate to ask questions. Every conversation and interaction is an opportunity to learn more about the company and your colleagues. The plan is designed to give you a great start, so make the most of it!

Thank you for your time and insights, Ton. We look forward to your future successes at Horizon Telecom!
You are welcome and thank you all for this great start!