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3 advantages of RingCentral

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November 11, 2021
3 advantages of RingCentral

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The press conference of November 2nd sent out a clear message: we’re not yet done with the pandemic. The main rules have been tightened up again and people now have to spend at least half of their work hours working from home. All the more reason for you to make sure your employees’ online work environment is set up properly. The fact is that you want them to be easily reachable – at home, in the office or on the road. You therefore need a secure and reliable communication platform.

Global solution

International organisations depend on their employees all over the world being able to communicate easily with each other using chat or video calling. The biggest nightmares are poor accessibility and a proliferation of office or country-based communication applications. What you need is one reliable and unified solution that enables employees and customers to collaborate globally. This is not so easy to bring about and national laws and regulations can be a real obstacle.

RingCentral can be used worldwide and it is the platform for linking national providers into one telephone system. Employees can use it to make telephone and video calls, chat and share files with colleagues, customers and suppliers from any device. With the RingCentral application in their workplace or on their smartphone, they can easily make calls using a headset or a landline.

“You want a reliable and uniform communication solution”

worldwide availability

Always availability

Reliability and availability are the bedrock of a good digital work environment. RingCentral guarantees 99.999% availability. With data centres located all over the world as well as logical and consistent security processes and state-of-the-art Cloud infrastructure, RingCentral provides accessibility regardless of system failures due to cybercrime,

operational errors and even natural disasters. The Horizon Telecom Global Voice SIP trunk platform, which uses multiple providers, helps to extend this 99.999% availability to the public telephone network.

“RingCentral guarantees 99.999% availability”

availability of 99,999%

Integration with other applications

Does your organisation work with applications such as Microsoft, Google, Salesforce or ZenDesk? Good news: 200+ ready-to-use applications, including these, are easy to integrate with RingCentral! This will put an end to switching between different applications

and save you up to an hour of navigation every day, meaning a net saving of 32 days a year! If you work with an application outside the ecosystem of standard integrations, you could build a custom integration using the open API platform.

“Save 32 days a year!”


Integration with RingCentral


If Google is your work environment, you can easily schedule RingCentral meetings by email.


If Microsoft Teams is your chat platform and you also want to make calls, then integration with RingCentral will allow you to make them from Microsoft Teams to all your external contacts and colleagues.


Or if you want your customer data to be displayed automatically, then use RingCentral’s integration with CRM systems, such as Zendesk and Salesforce.

What can RingCentral do for your organisation?

The workplace is becoming ever more digitised. Communication platforms like RingCentral are capitalising on this. Has this article excited you about the many benefits RingCentral has to offer? Or would you like to talk to us about what it could mean for your organisation? If so, contact one of our experts by phone +31 (0) 20 226 1551 or by mail Or schedule an online meeting if you prefer.

Author | Mike Nuijs
Marketing & Communications Specialist

As a Marketing Communications Specialist at Horizon Telecom, my mission is to create great content to inform enterprise customers worldwide about our smart, efficient, and future-proof end-to-end connectivity solutions by writing.

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