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Why use Microsoft Teams
to make calls?

If you want to use Microsoft Teams to make external calls from your landline, we can connect you to the public phone network – using the numbers you already have. Connect and combine Microsoft Teams with a global VoIP infrastructure and customize it to include service and reception desks, call centers, or other Cloud applications.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Microsoft Teams is one of the world’s leading communication platforms and our work environment would be unthinkable without Microsoft Teams. This digital transition is important because you need everyone to be able to work together and communicate smoothly. So it’s vital for you to have a single, secure and reliable communication platform in the cloud. But as an international company with a local provider and a separate contract for each country, or even one all-encompassing contract, it’s difficult to manage and -not only that- it’s expensive. Especially if your carrier has up to 50 desks for each process and ends up purchasing services from local providers in various countries.

What a lot of companies don’t know is that they can connect Microsoft Teams to the public phone network, using a global SIP trunking platform. This means they have just one point of contact and receive invoices from a single provider, making their costs foreseeable and manageable. This extends your familiar digital work environment to enable external company calls. Employees can then easily use the Microsoft Teams app to chat or make video calls at work or from their cell phones.

I want one communication solution using Microsoft Teams that I can access anywhere at any time.

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I want to cut costs and I want to know what they’ll be for Microsoft Teams.

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I want to integrate our phone and communication system into our Microsoft Teams interface.

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The most important benefits

Connect your current VoIP environment to Microsoft Teams

Did you know you can connect your VoIP phone platform to a Cloud communications environment such as Microsoft Teams? Using a global SIP trunking platform, without you having to change your current phone system or even your phone numbers? Work smart and start optimizing today!

One flexible Cloud communications solution in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is unable to provide Teams in every country. This could be a problem if your offices are located in countries where Teams is not available. Our Global VoIP (SIP) platform is the solution for this. Increase your accessibility today!

Lower costs and transparent rates for Microsoft Teams

If your company has various offices around the world, you want to know how much the digital transformation to Microsoft Teams is going to cost you. Combine Microsoft Teams with our Global VoIP infrastructure and Global Cloud phone solution and your company will have a user-friendly, sophisticated phone system with clear charges. Curious about what we can do for you?

Use Microsoft Teams without losing your phone capabilities

By connecting Microsoft Teams to the public network, using our Global VoIP platform and Global Cloud phone solution, your company will have a user-friendly but sophisticated phone system in your familiar Microsoft Teams environment.


Seamless integration of your reception phone system with Microsoft Teams

Did you know that you can also add a reception system to your Microsoft Teams environment? Making call-back notes is easy and it also tells you whether someone’s in the office when calls come in. 

“We make a difference by designing, building and proactively managing all our flexible, reliable and carrier-neutral solutions with our Professional Services.”

CEO Horizon Telecom
Melvin Jellesma

Our Professional Services

Project Management

Our project managers are closely involved in the process; from the design to the development of the solutions, including the transfer to the management organization.

Global Logistics Services

A single point of contact for shipping and handling of hardware components worldwide, incl. support with customs clearance, import duties, installation, etc.


Service Management

Our service managers proactively monitor and ensure optimal performance for the best experience for your employees by responding to trends and changes.

Global Certified On-site Engineers

Use our engineers as your own employees and deploy them globally for migrations and support at (remote) locations without having to use local technical staff/employees.

Customer Mission Control Portal

Gain insight into all invoicing and solutions worldwide (including statuses) in one portal. Designed to fit your organization’s structure and hierarchy.

Design & Engineering

Together with the (solution) architects and consultants, our engineers create a design that exactly meets the requirements of all solutions, locations, and users.

24x7 Support & Monitoring

Our Global Mission Control Centre (NOC) manages all our global solutions. Our experienced, service-oriented experts even solve issues that aren’t our responsibility.

“Horizon Telecom offers truly independent advice and we consider them part of our own IT team. Cases are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The professionals know what they are talking about.”

Hexagon (Intergraph)
Jim van Dijken, IS specialist

Communication solutions

Global VoIP

Global VoIP (SIP trunk) stands for one telephony infrastructure, which is realized by combining reliable global telephony providers on one Global VoIP (SIP) platform.


Microsoft Teams

Easily call with Microsoft Teams. We can also integrate Microsoft Teams with our Cloud Telephony solution, providing you with specific telephone exchange functions.


RingCentral Cloud Telephony

Say goodbye to telephone exchanges on location and use one future-proof solution by linking with your favorite Cloud applications for worldwide accessibility of your employees.

We are Horizon Telecom

Horizon Telecom delivers communications, infrastructure, and security solutions worldwide with 24x7 proactive support and local management. With our independent experts, we work with the world’s best technology partners to connect the aspirations of our customers with flexible and reliable solutions that leverage proven innovations accredited by Gartner®.

Globally Yours, Simply Smiling

Our added values


Independent & Carrier-Neutral


1 Tailored invoice, 1 Contract, 1 Contact, 1 SLA


Global Mission Control Center – 24x7 NOC


Professional Services


Flexible & Scalable tailor-made solutions


'Best-of-breed' technology