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Custom solution for QPS Netherlands

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February 10, 2022
QPS Netherlands

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We do this by providing solutions that make our customers’ employees happy. We always deliver above expectations and create custom solutions that suit your organization better.

This is also the case with our customer QPS Netherlands – a specialist in preclinical and clinical drug development – QPS came to us with the wish to increase network redundancy and capacity between two essential locations.

We have converted this wish into a solution, installing a dark fiber between the two most important locations of QPS – University Medical Center Groningen and the Cascade research facility. The dark fiber (layer 2) was successfully installed through controlled drilling of 150 meters under the busy Petrus Campersingel.

The solution is going to be more beautiful than the original idea I had. Not knowing that these kinds of custom solutions were also possible.

Peter Kubbenga

IT Manager, QPS Netherlands B.V.

As a result, QPS now has a direct connection between two essential locations, acting as a backbone with a capacity of 100Gbps.

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