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New user experience features in Microsoft Teams meetings

General news | Teams
November 25, 2021
Microsoft Teams

We are bringing new updates to the Teams meeting experience to foster more inclusive and productive hybrid meetings. All updates will be available in early 2022.

New features:

  • Help your team set expectations before the meeting kicks off by assigning roles from the scheduling form, allowing participants to feel prepared. Also, you can ensure that all voices are heard by seeing the order of raised hands in a meeting.
  • It’s clear that multitasking is hard and, in turn, is creating meeting fatigue. Through mute notifications and pin or hide your own video features, Teams can better help you focus on your goals.
  • As mobile device use is becoming more prevalent in meetings, Teams looks to ensure that everyone can participate on a level playing field. We’re revamping the overflow menu to prioritize key actions like viewing chat. Also, we’re adding a notification drawer for in-meeting system messages, so users can preview, collapse and clear all notifications with one tap.

Source: Microsoft