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Case study Stahl | Smart Global IT consolidation thanks to SD-WAN

June 2, 2021
Customer Case Study Stahl SD-WAN

Offering cloud-driven applications a scalable infrastructure

Stahl is known as the leading company in surface treatment and coating solutions for flexible materials. This world coverage makes Stahl a leading player within the field of process chemicals for leather and other substrates for the automotive, industrial application, interior design, leisure & lifestyle and apparel & accessories industries, to name but a few.

Stahl faced the following challenges:

  • Improving the network’s capacity and performance at an acceptable cost.
  • Making the corporate IT network flexible and scalable.
  • Making the IT infrastructure accessible to all locations worldwide.
  • Optimizing the network’s connectivity at difficult locations.
  • Making the focus on the core application available worldwide 24/7.

Download the case study and discover the provided solutions and eventual results!