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eBook Equinix | Proven Steps for Your Digital Transformation

June 21, 2021
Digital Infrastructure Is Now More Important Than Ever
Volume 4 of the Global Interconnection Index (GXI) gives you unique insights into what digital leaders are doing with infrastructure deployment and interconnection— direct and private data exchange—to create a strategic advantage.

From their prior investment in infrastructure and interconnection, these leaders are optimally positioned to weather unforeseen pressures, like the massive business disruptions from COVID-19 and global macro trends. Without this digital foundation, businesses are unable to transform at the rate necessary to meet rapid shifts in demands caused by these external forces.

To build this foundation, leaders are prioritizing digital initiatives, using interconnection throughout their digital core, digital edge and digital exchange. Using an Interconnection Oriented Architecture® (IOA®), they are achieving a digital-ready state through a series of transformational steps.

This GXI shows how leaders are deploying, extending and enhancing their digital infrastructure to be prepared for whatever comes next. This overview gives enterprises key insights into the next steps for digital transformation.