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Hexagon: Global Connectivity & VoIP

Reference Case
January 22, 2021
Horizon Telecom reference case Hexagon VoIP
Software used on a global scale
Hexagon (Intergraph) is a global leader in sensor, software, and autonomous solutions, committed to a simple, yet powerful purpose: putting data to work to empower an autonomous future.

It’s a world where our customers have the means to flourish, space to grow, and the data-driven efficiency, productivity, and quality results to ensure both humanity and sustainability can thrive. The idea of putting data to work is part of Hexagon’s DNA. Our legacy has always been linked to data, which our core capabilities demonstrate.


  • Legacy’s (on-premise) data center offered insufficient possibilities for a controlled roll-out of Cloud applications for the 50 global Intergraph sites.
  • Intergraph is now offering an increasing number of state-of-the-art IT solutions, applications, and IoT solutions, inevitably resulting in higher security requirements.
  • Intergraph wanted to implement a VoIP solution as a result of the phasing out of ISDN.
  • A new infrastructure set-up needed to be realized, which required a higher level of security, scalability, flexibility, and increased bandwidth.

The solution

  • Horizon Telecom provided an inventory of the old infrastructure and advised on the realization of a new data center infrastructure solution, within which the NorthC Datacenter plays a central role.
  • Horizon Telecom analyzed the available infrastructure possibilities together with the Intergraph IT team. This eventually resulted in a tailor-made solution, including the realization of a fully redundant link to the new data center.

Eventual result

  • Intergraph IT supplied the 50 International sites with improved performance levels and uptime of applications.
  • The new data center location offers an excellent foundation for the implementation of increased security requirements and wishes.
  • The new infrastructure is a future-proof solution and offers an enormous boost for the centralization of (cloud) applications.
  • Silent migration, with no user impact, was carried out for 1,000 phone numbers to a future-proof Global VoIP (SIP Trunk). 

Legacy out – new Cloud & data center infrastructure in
“Intergraph had its ‘own’ data center on location in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. It became one of the four new HUB’s/ world regions as a result of the takeover by Hexagon, which was the first step towards forming a new global cloud strategy,” says Jim van Dijken, IS specialist at Hexagon. “We managed and hosted the largest concentration of global IT services in Hoofddorp, resulting in a sudden need to accelerate the move from Intergraph to an external data center.”

The new data center at the heart of the WAN
The Intergraph IT organization was already working on a Cloud Strategy as part of a major professionalization in IT security. Also, to offer better performance levels, uptime, and a higher degree of long-term sustainability. Jim continues: “Intergraph has more than 50 offices worldwide and is still continuing to grow. The WAN infrastructure and the associated tunnels are managed by our IT team. We want to keep control of this ourselves and be in a position to react flexibly. With a project as complex as this, the inevitable question is: How do you start?”

Consider the best possible scenario together
Horizon Telecom became an intermediary between Intergraph and its Carriers, as the existing suppliers were not providing adequate levels of attention, support, and flexibility. This allowed Horizon Telecom to provide a strategic contribution to the entire process. Not only by coming up with plans for modernizing the infrastructure, but also by carefully thinking about the different types of connections – creating an architecture that is future-oriented, scalable, flexible, redundant, and safe.

How has Horizon Telecom contributed to this?
Jim: “Horizon Telecom offers truly independent advice and we consider them to be part of our own IT team. Matters are dealt with instantly and efficiently. Genuine attention was devoted to us. When we are put in touch with the professionals, we actually get to speak to people who know what they are talking about.”

It’s the no-nonsense approach, the personal contact, the thinking along, the predictability, and making resources available which we particularly experience as pleasant and distinctive. Intergraph would prefer to work with a company that can literally take care of everything from A to Z. This ranges from the technical design and project management, right through to the operational implementation of the technologies used. Everything simply needs to be perfectly in place.

Jim: “Horizon Telecom is a flexible organization, which works in a solution-focussed manner and is very knowledgeable where Enterprise environments are concerned.”

So what’s the result?
We looked at the suppliers’ level of independence for the new situation, making sure we could also guarantee a high level of redundancy, alongside scalability, flexibility, and security. This approach ultimately resulted in the availability of much higher bandwidths for the 50 Intergraph offices.

This increase in bandwidth gave the Cloud strategy and IT security an enormous boost: Intergraph is now able to implement further professionalization with the back-up and management method, thanks to the increase in bandwidth. Intergraph previously used legacy tape back-up solutions. The new data center solution ensures we no longer have to complete manual backups, which saves a great deal on both costs and human effort. The new data center has also made Intergraph the backup location for all of its 50 locations.

Various number plan scenarios were devised and introduced. These well-thought outnumber plans have also instantly increased Intergraph’s accessibility.