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Infor: Service Management

Reference Case
January 22, 2021
Horizon Telecom reference case Infor Service Management
Tailored and centralized service thanks to Horizon Telecom
The original American company has transitioned from a traditional telephony environment to a VoIP-driven solution during recent years. The main drivers have cost reduction and a centralized platform for all 17,300 employees.

It’s a world where our customers have the means to flourish, space to grow, and the data-driven efficiency, productivity, and quality results to ensure both humanity and sustainability can thrive. The idea of putting data to work is part of Hexagon’s DNA. Our legacy has always been linked to data, which our core capabilities demonstrate.


  • Phasing out of legacy technologies and switching to the cloud.
  • Complex management of decentralized multi-sourced environment with multiple global providers.
  • Missing flexibility, agility, and efficiency without a central management portal and overviews.
  • Missing local support and contact, tailored and independent.
  • No independent resources available at major tier 1 carriers for services management.

The solution

  • Horizon Telecom has been asked, as a service organisation, to offer resources and support for our carrier’s legacy services and to provide a bridging solution which would allow for cloud migration to continue without interruption, fully tailored.

  • Fast response times, deliveries and personal contact all contribute to a faster rollout of projects.

Eventual result

  •  The complexity of working with major carriers has been eliminated, as Horizon Telecom acts as a local point of contact. In addition, the invoicing processes and contract administration have also been drastically simplified and updated.

  • The response time has been increased by 100 percent.

  • Flexibility through ‘’best of breed’’ solutions has put Infor in a position to provide business units at other sites with even better facilities.|

Single point of contact
Infor came into contact with Horizon Telecom when looking for a supplier to support its network. Louis Laan, Global Telecommunications Administrator at Infor, explains: “We were contacted by our providers for the deprecation of legacy voice services. At the same time, we had a rollout for a new Cloud-based Voice system (Skype4Business). This resulted in conflicted timelines with our project.”

“Horizon Telecom provided a local touch and contact for all our services with providers. They offered assistance to help with the migration.“

Louis continues: “Horizon Telecom helped us to develop a bridging solution that managed to “keep us airborne”, allowing us to stick to our timeline with the cloud projects. They helped us by taking over the phone numbers and put them temporarily on a new platform. So our customers could continue to reach us. This level of flexibility is simply unprecedented for us and has contributed to us having time to execute our IT projects as planned, without any interruptions.”

“One of the additional benefits working with Horizon Telecom is that they also think along with you on project level, to arrange specific Infor settings and configurations. In this case that involved diverting to various Infor sites.”

On the question what Infor was looking for, Louis answers: “We have a huge need for a clear overview, as we need to globally manage our telecom and network infrastructure. We asked Horizon to think along with us, to come up with a tool that would provide us with an instant insight into our services. This was no problem at all and Horizon supplied a portal that gave us control of our telephony traffic and routing. They built this especially for us.”

How has Horizon Telecom contributed to this?
“Horizon Telecom can offer all the resources we, at Infor, could ever wish for, by removing the complexity of working with large carriers and drastically simplifying invoicing and contract administration,” Louis explains.

“Horizon Telecom is truly carrier-independent, allowing Infor to use ‘best of breed’ solutions in all regions. Horizon Telecom has also given Infor the ability to optimize its network in a carrier-neutral and technology-independent manner.“

The aim is simple: increase stability and reduce operational costs. We can facilitate all sites even more effectively as a result of the introduction of smart technologies.

So what’s the result?

“Horizon Telecom has proven to be able to eliminate the complexity which enterprise organizations often encounter. As a local service organization of one of the world’s biggest carriers, they are the bridge to the resources we need. Plus Horizon Telecom is incredibly flexible and a great team player too. There is always someone on hand who can provide you with assistance. That’s an ideal situation for us,” Louis explains.

Horizon Telecom also supplies an intuitive portal which is linked to all of Infor’s relevant IT services. Louis: “Horizon Telecom is a flexible organization. It works in a solutionfocussed manner and is very knowledgeable where enterprise environments are concerned. They can also provide solutions outside of the Netherlands. Infor has several sites in the world, where we naturally prefer to work with a partner who can look after our every need. This ranges from the technical design and project management, right through to the operational delivery.“

“It simply needs to be a complete picture. Plus the support afterward is just as important. We want to be able to pick up the phone and establish contact. That’s why we have opted for a collaboration with Horizon Telecom.”