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Global Secure Cloud leaflet

June 21, 2021
Global Secure Cloud

Simplify your IT by directly connecting, integrating and optimizing your traffic to multiple Clouds and IT services. 

Experience enhanced security and app performance by extending your private distributed network, bypassing the internet. As a carrier-neutral Cloud connectivity provider, we can help you avoid the vendor lock-in, keeping your flexibility – since we understand there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, while helping you keep your agility to spread risks. We connect you directly to your Clouds, seamlessly integrated into your network design.

We connect all your global Clouds with a single end-to-end orchestration with 1 invoice, 1 contract, 1 SLA, and 1 contact – with the delivery of a single connection to multiple Clouds! We help you pick the preferred routes and geographical spread to interconnect to the cloud, improving latency, performance, or filling in local legislation needs. We can combine this solution with a single connection from our Global Connectivity portfolio or integrate this in a Global SD-WAN Connectivity design, which can be fully redundant designed and/or managed.

Learn more about the benefits, how its works, and Cloud-delivered SD-WAN ecosystem in our leaflet.