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Zscaler Global Cloud Firewall

Many remote workers work outside the VPN through a split tunnel; did you know that? A serious security problem for your organization! Move security to the Cloud, and opt for a Cloud firewall. Users are then protected at all times – regardless of which device they use or from where they connect.

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The Cloud solution

The Zscaler Global Firewall provides a secure connection to the internet for all users, locations and applications. Security policies are no longer tied to a physical location, but are Cloud-based. Because all user connections go through the Zero Trust Exchange, users are protected at all times – no matter what device they are using or from where they connect.

Cloud firewall

Traffic monitoring begins as soon as internet traffic passes through the Zscaler Cloud Firewall. E-mail attachments and files shared via applications like Teams go through the Sandbox and any threats are eliminated immediately. A log is kept of all internet traffic that passes through the Cloud firewall, all users and locations are visible, and when needed, all information is available at a glance on the dashboard.

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