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Zscaler Global remote workers

Give employees secure and fast access to (Cloud) applications anywhere as if they were in the office with the best work-from-anywhere experience.

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Secure access to the corporate network

For a productive work-from-anywhere experience, all users get the same security policy and the best access to applications, as if they were at the office. Traditional infrastructures can struggle with this because their capacity is not designed to allow many users to work remotely. Remote workers now make a VPN connection, causing delays, poor connections and frustrated users. Zscaler Global Remote Workers provides a seamlessly integrated solution that makes the experience for remote workers the same as in the office – from anywhere in the world. It is no longer necessary to log in or out on ‘the VPN’; Cloud security is always on, scales up when necessary and reduces the risk of security incidents.

Reduced attack surface

Cyber criminals are launching targeted attacks with new malware and smart social engineering campaigns to lure users into their traps. Remote workers operating outside the company’s security boundaries are an easier target. With the Zscaler Global Cloud Firewall, security protocols are applied at all times and on any device, providing the user with a fast and secure connection while using the Zscaler Cloud. No matter from which location the user connects, they are always protected by Zscaler’s security policies.

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