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Why Cato SASE Cloud?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a new, Cloud-based service/infrastructure defined by Gartner. The SASE infrastructure meshes networks and security with each other. This lets IT teams provide worldwide access for workers to Cloud-based business applications both safely and simply. Cato SASE Cloud has four hallmarks: identity-driven, Cloud-based, global availability, and suitability for everything connected to SD-WAN (branches, Cloud applications, users, data centers, and so on).

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Cato SASE Cloud

Here are two core components to the SASE architecture. SASE Cloud combines networking and security functionalities. SASE edge connectors on the periphery of the SD-WAN network connect locations, applications, and users with the SASE Cloud. The SASE Cloud processes the network traffic and applies context-based optimization and security inspection. There are specific policies for each type of traffic and each application. The result cannot be compared to traditional solutions, where each product analyses the traffic for a specific requirement, adds overhead for processes like decryption, and overlooks the context that is generated in other networks and security systems.

    We want to protect our corporate data and applications without physical firewalls

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    I want a single fast and secure network worldwide with Cato SASE Cloud

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    I want one single security policy for all locations and users worldwide with Cato SASE Cloud

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    Future proof

    Leaving aside the fact that this is a mere subset of the security functionalities, the SASE architecture has been designed for the ability to expand with new functionalities at lightning pace. This unique advantage of SASE makes the network future-proof so that Cloud and other new options will always be available anywhere in the world. Similarly, the SASE Cloud can be updated centrally to counteract new threats and cyber attacks. These updates are effective immediately and impact all companies, locations, applications, and users across the world, with no intervention required from your own IT people.

    SASE creates a comprehensive platform that gives you the network and security functionalities that are needed in the digital transition. This leads to reduced costs, less complexity, and fewer risks when supporting the company in this dynamic digital working environment.

      Happy customer: BDO Belgium

      The most important benefits

      MPLS migration to SD-WAN

      Move away from an outdated MPLS network environment to a Cloud environment with network and security functionalities, combined with new SD-WAN and a dedicated backbone. This gives your company a single, global network solution that always provides the shortest, fastest, and most secure connection for optimum use of SaaS applications. Read more |

      Optimized Global Connectivity

      Your company would like to be able to use SaaS applications, like Office 365, with the same ease anywhere in the world. Our SASE Cloud solution, with network and security functionalities, ensures that your workers will always have a fast, stable, and secure connection to SaaS applications with no need for the involvement of physical locations such as head office or data center firewalls. Read more |

      Secure Branch Internet Access

      Just 12% of companies in the Netherlands are properly prepared for cybercrime! Is your company among the other 88%? Take the next step in your company’s cyber security and combine the most important network and security functionalities in a single Cloud solution. Read more |

      Cloud Acceleration and Control

      Your company’s aim is to have the best connection with colleagues, different locations, and SaaS applications wherever they are. Our network and security solution in the Cloud consistently offers your company the shortest, fastest, and most secure connection! Read more |

      Remote Access Security and Optimization

      Give your remote workers the same experience of the company network and SaaS applications as users in your office. Our SASE Cloud solution is separate from the public network and does not use traditional VPN connections via the head office or data centers. All of your users will access a connection that is always fast, secure and reliable, via PoPs that are located strategically throughout the world. Read more |

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      Workshop: Discover the power of your own SASE network-as-a-service

      Get to know Cato Networks in 30 minutes and discover the power of Cato SASE Cloud for your organization! This all-in-one complete SASE solution – providing secure access for any user to any application, from any device and any location, including home and remote workers – enables us to support both types of organizations in their digital transformation .

      After registration, an expert will contact you to schedule the workshop at a time that suits you best.


      We make the difference with our Professional Services

      We are an independent, international platform and truly solve our customers problems with our end-to-end solutions. We provide a single point of contact (SPOC) and adapt our billing and access to reports to what best suits the customer’s organization. Data is translated into information and insights without limits, thanks to our crystal-clear billing, contracts, SLAs, and support from one fixed account team.

      Project Management

      Our project managers are closely involved in the process; from the design to the development of the solutions, including the transfer to the management organization.

      Global Certified On-site Engineers

      Use our engineers as your own employees and deploy them globally for migrations and support at (remote) locations without having to use local technical staff/employees.

      24x7 Support & Monitoring

      Our Global Mission Control Centre (NOC) manages all our global solutions. Our experienced, service-oriented experts even solve issues that aren’t our responsibility.

      Customer Mission Control Portal

      Gain insight into all invoicing and solutions worldwide (including statuses) in one portal. Designed to fit your organization’s structure and hierarchy.


      Service Management

      Our service managers proactively monitor and ensure optimal performance for the best experience for your employees by responding to trends and changes.

      Design & Engineering

      Together with the (solution) architects and consultants, our engineers create a design that exactly meets the requirements of all solutions, locations, and users.

      Global Logistics Services

      A single point of contact for shipping and handling of hardware components worldwide, incl. support with customs clearance, import duties, installation, etc.

      Security solutions

      Zscaler Global Cloud Security

      Zscaler Cloud security gives your organization’s users an optimal user experience when they connect to business applications or the corporate network.

      Global Secure Cloud

      Easily connect worldwide with nearly 500 Cloud applications and digital ecosystems with one connection. Minimize risk by creating secure, direct private connections that bypass the public Internet and improve performance. 


      Manage the WAN network based on the capacity and performance required for the organization. Connect your offices, branches, data centers, warehouses, and Cloud.

      We are Horizon Telecom

      Horizon Telecom delivers communications, infrastructure, and security solutions worldwide with 24x7 proactive support and local management. With our independent experts, we work with the world’s best technology partners to connect the aspirations of our customers with flexible and reliable solutions that leverage proven innovations accredited by Gartner®.

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