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Start using Microsoft Teams for your calls – here are the 3 advantages!

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December 23, 2021
Microsoft Teams

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The Microsoft Teams communication platform was one of the world’s largest platforms even before the Covid 19 pandemic. The advice to work from home during the pandemic made it all the more important to be able to reach your colleagues easily. But what about companies’ incoming calls? Simple: take them at home. This is because our Global VoIP (SIP) platform connects the public phone network to your Microsoft Teams environment.

Connect VoIP phone calls to Microsoft Teams

Many companies work with a physical phone system, which can present a challenge for your people if they’re working from home. A VoIP system makes this a lot easier because VoIP is available everywhere, even if your people aren’t working at a central office. It gets even easier if the public phone network is connected to Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing. Installed on smartphones or other devices, the Microsoft Teams app allows your entire

company to chat or make video calls from anywhere in the world, whether that’s in the office, at home or on the road. And what about your existing infrastructure and phone numbers? We move them with you during the migration.

“Voice, video, and chat available from everywhere worldwide”

Microsoft Teams VoIP telefonie

Use Microsoft Teams as a phone system

Your Microsoft Teams environment gives you lots of phone functionalities by connecting to the public network. This means you can easily connect incoming calls, put them on hold or forward them to your voicemail. You can also create call data reports that update you from time to time on the number of phone calls you’ve had, the average duration of phone calls and the average time spent on hold. A phone exchange inside Microsoft Teams also saves maintenance costs because you’re working from the Cloud. 

Just think of the man-hours, spare parts and downtime you’d be spared. It’s also more flexible and scalable because the phone system can be accessed from anywhere. Your people can make business or private calls using the same device and won’t need to fill out claim forms any more. Calls simply go through the Microsoft Teams app.

“You can easily connect incoming calls, put them on hold, or forward them to your voicemail.”

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Your reception point is available anywhere

As well as the advantages mentioned earlier, there’s yet another plus to a phone system in Microsoft Teams, namely adding in a reception point to your Microsoft Teams environment. Companies with a reception point can opt for an extra layer in Teams that provide reception functionalities for all of your people – even when working from home! Connecting the reception point to Microsoft Teams allows your receptionists to see and record customer data during a call, as it is integrated with a CRM system. 

They can then check to see whether a staff member is in the office or on a call and then leave a call-back note if needed. You can also install an options menu and have incoming calls answered automatically if your reception point is unavailable at any time (e.g. outside office hours).

“Integrated your CRM system easaly with Microsoft Teams”

Microsoft Teams VoIP telefonie

What can RingCentral do for your organisation?

As you can see, Microsoft Teams offers lots of possibilities. If you have any questions or if you’d be interested in a no-obligation chat with one of our experts about what we have to offer, just get in touch by phone +31 (0) 20 226 1551 or by mail Or schedule an online meeting if you prefer.

Author | Mike Nuijs
Marketing & Communications Specialist

As a Marketing Communications Specialist at Horizon Telecom, my mission is to create great content to inform enterprise customers worldwide about our smart, efficient, and future-proof end-to-end connectivity solutions by writing.

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