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VMware SD-WAN Release 4.3.0

SD-WAN release
June 7, 2021
VMware SD-WAN release updates
This release includes various important features, fixes, and enhancements and is recommended for all who require the features and functionality made available in Release 4.3.0. This release also fixes impacting issues that have been released since Release 4.2.0.
New features include:
  • Azure vWAN IPsec automation from SD-WAN Edge
  • Bastion Orchestrator for high-security environments
  • BGP over IPsec on Edge
  • BGP over IPsec on Gateway
  • DSL support on all 6×0 platforms
  • Multi-segment loopback interface support
  • Security enhancements for password policy
  • Support for IPv6 WAN addresses
  • High availability interface enhancements
  • Support for 128 segments
  • Support to activate Edges using zero-touch provisioning with push activation
  • Zscaler integration enhancements with Layer 7 health check and SSO
  • Firewall enhancements
  • Class of service (CoS) support for public overlay
  • External CA support
  • Enhancements to MSP role
  • New languages, incl. Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese & Korean
  • Migrate cloud security service to NSD via Edge
  • Multi-hop BGP on Gateway
  • Image signing & verification
  • Bastion VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator
  • Azure Accelerated Networking Support
  • SD-WAN Edge on Azure Private Edge Zone
  • FIPS mode support for VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator and Gateway