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Worldwide customized support with our Professional Services

Professional Services
August 19, 2021

The work processes at traditional providers, carriers, and networks are laborious, slow, and impersonal. Each time you have to deal with a different face and it often takes (too) long before you get the right help from the right person. Or worse: you are sent from pillar to post.

You want one partner who understands your challenges, who thinks along, and comes up with creative solutions. Independent, ingenious, and with personal attention.

One partner for all solutions

Horizon Telecom stands for a single point of contact for all your communication, infrastructure and security solutions. By listening carefully to our customers’ wants and needs we have developed our Professional Services, which allows us to offer enterprises worldwide 24/7 customized support, both remotely and on-site.

International independent platform

We have set up an international independent platform specifically for our customers. This platform allows us to organize customer-oriented processes – supported by tools that provide insights at the right moments.

We like to keep things clear and adapt invoicing and reporting access to the structure of your organization. As a result, data changes into information and insights without restrictions thanks to clear invoicing, contracts, and SLAs – supported by one account team.  

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. We always go the extra mile and even solve problems that are not our responsibility
In other words: Horizon Telecom helps enterprises worldwide with end-to-end solutions that really solve our customers’ problems and tend to their wishes. Independent, ingenious, and with personal attention. It is our mission to make customers happy. That is why we go beyond traditional providers, carriers, and networks. We always go the extra mile and even solve problems that are not our responsibility. Discover our other Brand Promises |

Our Professional Services

Project Management

Our project managers are closely involved in the process; from the design to the development of the solutions, including the transfer to the management organization.

Design & Engineering

Together with the (solution) architects and consultants, our engineers create a design that exactly meets the requirements of all solutions, locations, and users.

Global Certified On-site Engineers

Use our engineers as your own employees and deploy them globally for migrations and support at (remote) locations without having to use local technical staff/employees.

Customer Mission Control Portal

Gain insight into all invoicing and solutions worldwide (including statuses) in one portal. Designed to fit your organization’s structure and hierarchy.


Service Management

Our service managers proactively monitor and ensure optimal performance for the best experience for your employees by responding to trends and changes.

Global Logistics Services

A single point of contact for shipping and handling of hardware components worldwide, incl. support with customs clearance, import duties, installation, etc.

24x7 Support & Monitoring

Our Global Mission Control Centre (NOC) manages all our global solutions. Our experienced, service-oriented experts even solve issues that aren’t our responsibility.

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