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Your five benefits with Zscaler Cloud Security

General news | Zscaler Security
March 3, 2022

With Zscaler Cloud Security, users get an optimal user experience when they connect to business applications hosted in a public or private cloud. The solution has been developed for highly dynamic organizations looking for a security policy that fits in with the digital transformation of their Cloud applications and supports the switch to SD-WAN and access via the internet. After all, users today need to be able to work anywhere.

1. Eliminate your attack surface on the Internet: Applications are protected by the Zero Trust Exchange, preventing detection and targeted attacks.

2. Daily automatic zero-day protection: Zscaler adds more than 175,000 new threats to its database every day, helping to block more than seven billion threats a day for its users – continuous protection against further attacks.

3. Reduce costs and complexity: Centralize firewall business rules on a single screen to support all branches and home workers.

4. Move Threats Sideways: Allows access to individual apps, isolating threats and preventing attacks through network detection or sideways motion from escalating.

5. Offer your colleagues a great user experience: Intelligent management and optimization of direct connections to cloud applications.

Give employees secure and fast access to (Cloud) applications as if they were in the office with the best ‘work-from-anywhere’ experience.