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Happy crew thanks to SD-WAN

Kotug is a leading service provider of towing services, with a fleet of more than 100 tugboats active across the world. Kotug offers a total package of towing services to offshore and onshore terminals, ports, salvage and related maritime and management services. Kotug’s head office is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the company also boasts sites in Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Kotug’s plans for further expansion mean it now needs to adjust its IT strategy on a global scale. The aim is to connect all sites and all employees with one network and to offer access to all applications and modern forms of communication.


Some challenges

  • Create a flexible, scalable and manageable corporate network.
  • Optimise infrastructure for corporate cloud applications.
  • Increase network management and trouble shooting.
  • Significantly improve performance of corporate network at sea.
  • Enrich the corporate communication with Skype for Business.

Why Horizon Telecom?

Because we know how to solve all connectivity challenges worldwide in an authentic and personal way, using the latest technological innovations. Our ultimate goal is to make connectivity flexible and scalable by delivering tomorrow’s innovation, today.


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