This is a patch release for Release 3.4.0 and includes many important fixes. This release is recommended for all customers who require the features and functionality made available in Release 3.4.0, as well as those customers impacted by the issues that have been resolved since Release 3.4.3.

The Release Notes can be found here.


  • The VMware SD-WAN Operations Team will begin upgrading the enterprise hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrators and VMware SD-WAN Gateways to Release 3.4.4 within 2 weeks.
    –  Note: Some enterprise hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrators may upgrade directly to Release 4.0 and skip Release 3.4.4.
  • An upgrade banner with more details will be posted on the enterprise hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrators at least one week prior to the scheduled upgrade.
    – We wait one week after release announcements before posting banners so that partners can notify their customers of the new release.
  • Partners with dedicated hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrators should contact Support to schedule their upgrade.