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The world is your office

We believe that cloud delivered unified communications (UCaas) has entered into the mainstream, as Gartner does. A modern workforce that includes 2.5B millennials – a group that expects rich experiences and the flexibility to stay connected across the various devices they use throughout their workday, in an always on economy.

Powering business conversations across the enterprise

Real UCaaS is giving the possibility to people to have the flexibility to have a conversation on any device around the globe. As you think about the current state of enterprise communications, it is quickly apparent that it is anything but unified. Enterprise Communications consists of Voice, Contact Center, Conferencing and Messaging (IM). We typically see most organization support this with dedicated staff and isolated budgets.

Bespoke Enterprise Communication Design

We utilize our experience and carrier neutral approach to create a bespoke hybrid design for your enterprise communications. This can consist of Enterprise SIP trunking at strategic locations over the world, enabling Skype4Business PSTN Connectivity or true Global Cloud Communications.

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We leverage our solutions with:

  • Global Internet
  • Global Datacenter Connectivity
  • Global WAN
  • Managed Secure SD-WAN
  • Global Secure Cloud

To arrange the best network designs for those solutions to thrive on, by creating hybrid networking solutions which utilize private and public cloud seamlessly, with internet or hybrid WAN connectivity.


Get more info about our solutions with:

  • Global SIP
  • Cloud UC
  • Skype4Business