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RingCentral Cloud Telephony

Say goodbye to telephone exchanges on location and use one future-proof solution by linking with your favorite Cloud applications. Guarantee worldwide accessibility of your employees. Provide employees with a physical telephone, an office telephony environment on mobile devices and a software telephony solution on the PC – enabling click-to-dial and enrichment of incoming calls with customer data in your (Cloud) applications.

Guarantee worldwide accessibility of your employees

Cloud Telephony is a communication platform that offers all telephone exchange (PBX) functions, including options for video conferencing and integration with a global telephony infrastructure and Cloud ecosystem. Get all the capabilities of a modern business phone system (PBX) that can be used by all employees worldwide and integrated with all known Cloud applications.

Say goodbye to on-site phone systems and pay a fixed amount per user per month
Our solution is securely accessible via the internet, privately, and from the Cloud. Pay a fixed amount per user per month for all telephone system functions including management and maintenance. Say goodbye to on-site phone systems. Use one future-proof solution by integrating with your favorite Cloud applications and guarantee worldwide accessibility for all your employees.

Easily call with click-to-dial and enrich incoming calls
Employees can choose between a physical telephone, fixed telephony on their mobile phone, or a softphone on the PC. Easily call with click-to-dial and enrich incoming calls with valuable customer information from Cloud applications and CRM systems. Record calls and optimally organize all international telephony with specific calling plans per country, region, location, or even per user.


Worldwide standardization with predictable costs

Each country has its own rules and laws. With our carrier-neutral approach, we combine multiple tier1 providers in the design for a global solution that is flexible and reliable. No more opaque local costs, but predictable costs thanks to smart least-cost routing, tailor-made all-in tariff plans and calling packages.

One user-friendly environment

One environment for voice, video, messages, and file sharing. Designed to collaborate with colleagues and clients on all devices (fixed phones, mobile phones, desktop, browser, and Cloud applications).

Open API: Integrate with existing applications/systems

One environment that works with all your favorite applications in the Cloud, such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many other applications. Integrate your favorite service desk, contact center, or other systems. Migrate at your own pace by region, country, department, location, or even by the user.

Call directly from applications/enrich conversations with customer data

Start calls directly from (Cloud) applications and show the user valuable information when called, such as outstanding balances, quotes, etc.

Worldwide 911/112 emergency services

Our services can provide 112 reachability in most countries around the world.

The best user experience with SD-WAN

The VMware SD-WAN solution that we provide was the first network product to win an award for Unified Communications. The unique Voice Quality Management (VQM) solutions improve video and voice sessions in the most demanding regions with 1 connection.

Fast and smart use of data

Live data allows you to make predictive analytics for voice, video and chat. The organization can take adequate action on changes and also ensure that there’s always someone available for customers or colleagues.


Availability: 99.999% with local numbers

The platform has an unprecedented high availability. For Global Cloud Telephony we use multiple providers and routes in one independent solution to guarantee the availability of up to 99.999%. Improve accessibility by adding global-local phone numbers e.g. geographic, toll-free, or paid service numbers.


Flexible and easy management

Easily add/merge new employees/locations without investment and downsizing when necessary. By using one global solution and proactive management, you are assured of the latest security updates and on-site management is a thing of the past.

“We make a difference by designing, building and proactively managing all of our flexible, reliable and carrier neutral solutions with our Professional Services.”

Managing Director Horizon
Melvin Jellesma

About RingCentral

RingCentral is the world’s market leader and fastest growing enterprise cloud communications (UCaaS) provider, providing the best communications platform for the enterprise market. With a unified approach to messages, videos and telephony, employees and customers are brought together – worldwide on any device. RingCentral has more than 24 data centers worldwide and offers a global communications platform in more than 40 countries, which grows nearly 40% each year. RingCentral has been the Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader for five consecutive years.

Strategic collaboration

We make the services available and scalable for RingCentral. Together with our Global VoIP platform, we realize a safe, reliable, scalable, and intuitive platform for voice, video conferencing, and collaboration.

Can be integrated with more than 200 applications, including Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Easy to use with your employees’ favorite devices – anywhere in the world. The total Ecosystem with integrations consists of more than 3,000 applications. With our Professional Services, we help our customers with the design, creation, and management of the Global Cloud Telephony solution worldwide.

Our Professional Services

Project Management

Our project managers are closely involved in the process; from the design to the development of the solutions, including the transfer to the management organization.

Global Logistics Services

A single point of contact for shipping and handling of hardware components worldwide, incl. support with customs clearance, import duties, installation, etc.


Service Management

Our service managers proactively monitor and ensure optimal performance for the best experience for your employees by responding to trends and changes.

Global Certified On-site Engineers

Use our engineers as your own employees and deploy them globally for migrations and support at (remote) locations without having to use local technical staff/employees.

Customer Mission Control Portal

Gain insight into all invoicing and solutions worldwide (including statuses) in one portal. Designed to fit your organization’s structure and hierarchy.

Design & Engineering

Together with the (solution) architects and consultants, our engineers create a design that exactly meets the requirements of all solutions, locations, and users.

24x7 Support & Monitoring

Our Global Mission Control Centre (NOC) manages all our global solutions. Our experienced, service-oriented experts even solve issues that aren’t our responsibility.

“Horizon Telecom offers truly independent advice and we consider them as part of our own IT team. Cases are handled promptly and efficiently – the professionals know what they are talking about.”
Hexagon (Intergraph)
Jim van Dijken, IS specialist

Communication solutions


Global VoIP

Global VoIP (SIP trunk) stands for one telephony infrastructure, which is realized by combining reliable global telephony providers on one Global VoIP (SIP) platform.

Microsoft Teams

Easily call with Microsoft Teams. We can also integrate Microsoft Teams with our Cloud Telephony solution, providing you with specific telephone exchange functions.

We are Horizon Telecom

Horizon Telecom delivers communications, infrastructure, and security solutions worldwide with 24x7 proactive support and local management. With our independent experts, we work with the world’s best technology partners to connect the aspirations of our customers with flexible and reliable solutions that leverage proven innovations accredited by Gartner®.

Our added values


Independent & Carrier-Neutral


1 Tailored invoice, 1 Contract, 1 Contact, 1 SLA


Global Mission Control Center – 24x7 NOC


Professional Services


Flexible & Scalable tailor-made solutions


'Best-of-breed' technology