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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Horizon Telecom. It is the driving force behind our Professional Services and has been developed by listening carefully to our customers’ wants and needs. Our Professional Services complete our communications, infrastructure, and security solutions.

We go beyond traditional providers, carriers and networks worldwide

We make the difference by designing, building, and proactively managing all our flexible, reliable, and carrier-neutral solutions with our Professional Services. With our Professional Services, we offer enterprises 24/7 customized support, both remotely and on-site globally. Our experts are known for their experienced and service-oriented “problem solving” mentality.

We have set up an international independent platform specifically for our customers, allowing us to organize customer-oriented processes – supported by tools that provide insights at the right moments. We help worldwide with end-to-end solutions that really solve our customers’ problems and tend to their wishes – as if you, the customer, were present on-site yourself. We provide a single point of contact and adapt invoicing and reporting access to the structure of your organization. As a result, data changes into information and insights without restrictions thanks to clear invoicing, contracts, and SLAs – supported by one account team.

Our Professional Services support all solutions, including third-party solutions
The amount of expertise we provide is tailored to the needs of your organization. Our proactive management models are highly versatile and can be tailored to the need or, for example, to the organization’s current digital transformation phase. Start with an ‘as-a-Service’ solution, where management is fully outsourced and, over time, change it to project-based support, or monitoring, once the organization has sufficient experience. Our experts provide global on-site support or at remote locations according to pre-arranged agreements.

Benefits Professional Services

Global independent support

Global independent support that goes beyond the activities of traditional providers, carriers, or networks.

Flexible management models

Flexible management models that fit the project or the organization’s current digital transformation phase.

One Single Point of Contact

One Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for 24/7 global, end-to-end support (including on-site support).

Our Professional Services

Project management

Our project managers are committed, service-oriented, thoughtful and responsible and are experienced in international environments with a diversity of solutions. They are involved in creating and building the solution, including the transfer to the management phase; the final phase in our delivery model ‘Operate’. Upon the end-to-end delivery of the solution, our project managers make clear agreements about the desired method of collaboration, consultation and the timing of updates.

Service management

Service management is for customers who want to outsource operational and/or tactical management from the moment of delivery onwards. The service manager keeps the organization informed of solution performance and ensures clear and transparent communication about the projects’ impacts, implementations, timelines, and alternatives. We use the method that suits the organization best for this.

Our service managers strive for optimal performance to achieve the best user experience. As part of our service management, all failures are analyzed for possible design improvements, so that the risks and/or impacts are mitigated or eliminated at the moment they occur.

Design & Engineering

Our engineering professionals are able to create a design at any location which exactly matches the requirements of any solution. Our solution architects take a leading role in the designs, ensuring that the customer’s needs and functional specifications are translated into a design.

Global Certified On-site Engineers

Our Global Certified On-site Engineers go beyond the activities of traditional infrastructure or other providers, and so does our technical support, which goes beyond the technical limits of our solution. Many problems with infrastructure or communication solutions are caused by equipment connected to the solution on-site, such as cabling, hardware, LAN, or wifi. As a customer, you want the problem to be solved without having to deal with different parties, especially when it comes to project deliveries: a so-called end-to-end solution. Our Global Certified On-site Engineers enable us to roll out infrastructure and communication solutions flexibly and entirely according to the customer’s wishes without being limited by predefined activities. It reduces the number of visits required to solve end-to-end issues, with the aim being first-time-right.

We developed this service through listening carefully to our customers. By offering better on-site support for our users, fewer visits being required to achieve solutions and a quicker response to the customer’s wishes. It is also possible to take care of daily tasks, such as connecting and integrating infrastructure, replacing hardware, patching, conducting site surveys, and carrying out LAN and WiFi management. It enables the infrastructure to be delivered and integrated into the existing environment within one design and one SLA.

24x7 Support & Monitoring

Our Global Mission Control Centre (NOC) proactively manages all global solutions 24/7. This is done on predetermined terms using a comprehensive support program for performance management, uptime, and achieving the best availability and recovery times. Our Global Mission Control Centre has a multilingual service desk and is fully certified under the NEN-ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard. Our experienced and service-oriented experts are happy to solve problems, even when they are not our responsibility. Moreover, there is always someone available to provide immediate assistance.

Global Logistics Services

We provide worldwide shipping of hardware components to any desired location, offer support with the coordination of customs clearance, the payment of import duties and transportation to the final destination and, upon request, we arrange for local installation using our Global Certified On-site Engineers service.

Customer Mission Control Portal

The Customer Mission Control Portal (NEN-ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified) has been specially designed for our customers and provides full insight into and control over all solutions, statuses, and invoicing. Being an international organization often comes with a complex structure or many changes. Both the invoicing and the presentation of services can be linked to cost centers and be fully customized to the structure of the organization. They can, for instance, be organized by region, country, service, or cost type and there are many other options for setting up the invoicing and giving different users access to just those details that they are allowed to see, e.g. only details about a specific location or, in fact, more details.

The portal has fully customizable invoicing, cost allocation, and unlimited hierarchy options to quickly implement the company structure in the presentation of services, costs, and invoicing (grouping). The Access Control List (ACL) supports multiple roles and user groups with different access levels that determine which users have access to which information about locations, solutions, and services, which information is accessible to the logged-in user, and what actions they can take (including audit trail).

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business; we always go the extra mile.
Our Professional Services support all solutions, including third-party solutions.

How does it work?

Our Professional Services support all solutions that are implemented for our customers. Our project methodology is a combination of Prince2 and a SCRUM/ Agile working method, which enables us to be flexible and adjust the planning to the organization’s priorities.

Our solution architects realize a design that meets all the requirements of the solution. Our architects and engineers work closely with the customer’s team to build the high-level design and translate it into designs that fit the organization’s typology and internal classifications in order to meet the functional requirements. In addition, the details of the design can accommodate the individual needs of users, groups or locations.

We translate the designs into an implementation plan with attention paid to the individual needs of regions, countries, locations, teams and employees. Our engineers and project managers coordinate the activation by our engineers.

During this phase we provide support for the remaining issues, which may have transpired after the adoption and implementation. Our project manager ensures a smooth transfer to the management organization. The Customer Mission Control Portal is set up so that reports, insights, and invoicing match the organizational structure and access requirements.

Flexible support tailored to your organization

With our various Managed WAN service models, you have the opportunity to tailor our support to the demands and needs of your organization. We help with 24×7 Monitor & Notify (standard) or offer full management of your infrastructure. Our Service Managers and Professional Services provide independent proactive assistance capabilities for best performance, on-site and/or remotely across all infrastructure. Our management models are flexible to use and easy to change when desired.

150+ Enterprise customers

We are Horizon Telecom

Horizon Telecom delivers communications, infrastructure, and security solutions worldwide with 24x7 proactive support and local management. With our independent experts, we work with the world’s best technology partners to connect the aspirations of our customers with flexible and reliable solutions that leverage proven innovations accredited by Gartner®.

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