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About us

Horizon Telecom is the next-gen provider that makes you happy, as we make telecom simple for customers worldwide. With Horizon Telecom, you have 1 reliable partner for your business’s end-to-end solutions in international communication, connectivity, and security.

Anytime, anywhere, flexible solutions with local support, anywhere in the world.

No matter where or how your company operates, with us, you’ll have 1 contact, 1 contract, 1 Service Level Agreement, and 1 invoice for all global solutions. We also speak your language and take care of complex currency transactions. Our customers are already delighted, evident from our NPS score of 51, making us the provider with the best customer experience in the market. We would be thrilled to provide the same for your company.

Horizon Telecom is an international independent telecom-as-a-service provider offering unbeatable smart solutions for communication, connectivity, and security. We deliver, support, and proactively manage your digital infrastructure globally, 24/7. Our compelling personal approach and flexible mindset are here to assist you.

We are carrier neutral and work together with the world’s best technology partners, so that you can choose from the smartest solutions.

We operate carrier-neutral, giving you the freedom to choose the most innovative solutions. Our experts collaborate with the world’s best technology partners to provide these smart solutions. We have built a powerful international ecosystem with over 1,400 partners and 2,200 data centers. With a strong presence in over 190 countries and 8,500 cities, we guarantee the freedom to select from the best offerings and the latest innovations.

Horizon Telecom offers its own NOC (Network Operating Centre), a unique Voice platform, and a highly advanced Global Control Portal at your disposal. We are Gartner® accredited and hold premium certifications from major carriers and entities such as Cato Networks, RingCentral, Zscaler, and VMware.

With our solutions and powerful tools, you maintain complete control of your digital infrastructure worldwide, ensuring your business systems operate precisely as you envision.

We make people happy

We provide a service that makes you smile

You will always have global control

We make it 1 for you

You get unbeatable solutions always as-a-service


We empower your freedom

We are Horizon Telecom

Horizon Telecom delivers communications, infrastructure, and security solutions worldwide with 24x7 proactive support and local management. With our independent experts, we work with the world’s best technology partners to connect the aspirations of our customers with flexible and reliable solutions that leverage proven innovations accredited by Gartner®.

Globally Yours, Simply Smiling

Our added values


Independent & Carrier-Neutral


1 Tailored invoice, 1 Contract, 1 Contact, 1 SLA


Global Mission Control Center – 24x7 NOC


Professional Services


Flexible & Scalable tailor-made solutions


'Best-of-breed' technology