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Global Internet

The internet is a cornerstone of the corporate network when using the Cloud. We help customers worldwide with our flexible, reliable, and independent carrier-neutral global internet solutions. These solutions are tailored to the desired capacity, performance, and availability of your individual locations by combining different techniques and (existing) connections.

Experience the convenience of one tailored invoice, one contract, one contact and one SLA for all solutions worldwide

We connect every location, every carrier, technology, and operator worldwide. We proactively manage all internet solutions 24×7 and support them with our Professional Services remotely and on location when needed. Experience the convenience of one invoice, one contract, one contact and one SLA for all solutions worldwide, supported by our Professional Services.

Workshop: Discover which global internet solution is perfect for your enterprise

Our global internet portfolio consists of: Direct Internet Access (DIA), Broadband internet, Datacenter internet (IP transit) and mobile internet, satellite and microwave/radio transmission. Discover in 30 minutes which global internet solution supports the needs of your organization best. We connect every location, every carrier, technology and operator worldwide.

Note: After registration, one of our experts will contact you to schedule the workshop at a time that suits you best.


Horizon is independent and carrier-neutral. This allows us to choose from 1,300+ carriers to solve global connectivity issues.


Global solutions with a single point of contact

Our Global WAN solutions are available at all locations worldwide, leveraging local market knowledge and technical experts for fast service and support. By using more than 1,300 carriers, a design is possible that goes beyond the footprint of a single carrier, technology or purchasing agreement.

3rd Party (existing) Infrastructure management

With our Professional Services, we can manage infrastructure that is not supplied by us. We can combine the various connections and techniques into clear guarantees with 1 SLA. The customer has one point of contact for all connections – for the entire infrastructure.

'Best-of-breed' technology

We select only the best parties with proven technologies (recognized by Gartner®) and provide a wide range of solutions all over the world.

Global Certified On-site Engineers

We continue where carriers stop with our Global Certified On-site Engineers: in case of service failure or hardware problems, we provide worldwide certified technical support on location within a few hours, guaranteed or on-demand.


Our solutions are flexible, agile, and future-proof. Because we are independent and carrier-neutral, we can choose from more than 1,300 carriers to solve global connectivity issues. We can combine different solutions in a transparent way to achieve a good value for money solution without sky-high costs.


By using different techniques and by combining connections in 1 solution, we are able to deliver agile and fast solutions like (temporary) mobile broadband, microwave connections with flexible contract terms, or professional certified engineer support on-site worldwide.

Independent & Carrier-Neutral

We independently design, source, build, and manage all Global WAN solutions. We go beyond the availability of a carrier and combine solutions by using different techniques, available connections, and different carriers for the best availability and performance. We put customer demand first and are unbound in our advice because we are not limited by investments in network capacity or footprint.

Global Internet products


Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Business internet connections tailored to availability, flexibility, capacity, and delivery time. Guaranteed performance with customized repair times.

Broadband Internet

Business internet services with a good price/quality ratio and worldwide availability. Can be combined with Direct Internet Access for maximum optimization.


Data Center Internet (IP transit)

Business internet services that are provided in global (local) data centers. It offers the lowest latency. Available with flexible, scalable bandwidth options.


Mobile Internet, Satellite & Microwave Transmission

Mobile internet solutions with free roaming SIM cards. Customized satellite solutions. Radio (microwave) links for hard-to-reach areas with the same SLAs as business internet.

More infrastructure solutions (Global WAN)



Implement high bandwidth connections. Connects a remote backbone design or major hubs based on guaranteed capacity with high bandwidths.



Create a design that integrates with older networks (Layer 2 – EVPN or Layer 3 – IP VPN). Combine MPLS and IPSec DMVPNs for a solid infrastructure.


Dark fiber

Determine the method of lighting, equipment, and configuration of transport in order to set up the ideal configuration for the applications that you will use on the infrastructure.


Global Ethernet

Ethernet offers transparent and easy-to-manage solutions between sites that are more cost-effective and efficient at higher bandwidths than, for example, MPLS. Low latencies. Fast delivery.


Global Secure Cloud

Easily connect worldwide with nearly 500 Cloud applications/digital ecosystems with 1 connection. Secure, direct private connections and improved performance with flexible bandwidth options.


SD-WAN (VMware)

Get powerful and reliable access to Cloud services, locations, and private data centers via various connection types, such as MPLS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Direct Internet, etc.

We are Horizon Telecom

Horizon Telecom delivers communications, infrastructure, and security solutions worldwide with 24x7 proactive support and local management. With our independent experts, we work with the world’s best technology partners to connect the aspirations of our customers with flexible and reliable solutions that leverage proven innovations accredited by Gartner®.

Globally Yours, Simply Smiling

Our added values


Independent & Carrier-Neutral


1 Tailored invoice, 1 Contract, 1 Contact, 1 SLA


Global Mission Control Center – 24x7 NOC


Professional Services


Flexible & Scalable tailor-made solutions


'Best-of-breed' technology