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Manage the WAN network based on the capacity and performance required for the organization. Connect your offices, branches, data centers, warehouses, and Cloud. Reach the highest visibility and control over your IT landscape, experience faster delivery of applications, and the flexibility to scale performance and influence by making use of the existing infrastructure. Go from a rigid and expensive WAN solution to a flexible and cost-efficient infrastructure.

Gain powerful, reliable access to Cloud services, locations, private data centers, and SaaS-based Cloud applications

With SD-WAN, organizations gain powerful and reliable access to Cloud services, locations, private data centers, and SaaS-based Cloud applications through various available connection types, such as MPLS, Ethernet, LTE, Wi-Fi, direct internet access, and broadband. VMware SD-WAN is built on Software Defined Network (SDN) principles to deliver End-to-End automation, application availability, on-site digital transformation with (virtual) network functions, and security from the data center and the Cloud to the edge of the network and all global locations.

Workshop: Connect your offices, branches, data centers and Clouds with SD-WAN

Manage the WAN network based on the capacity and performance required for your organization. In 30 minutes you will siscover how to connect your offices, branches, data centers, warehouses, and Clouds. Achieve the highest visibility and control over your IT landscape, experience faster application delivery, and the flexibility to scale and guarantee performance by leveraging existing infrastructure. Go from a rigid and expensive WAN solution into a flexible and cost-efficient infrastructure, which is suitable for the future and the integration of current solutions.

Note: After registration, one of our experts will contact you to schedule the workshop at a time that suits you best.


Our SD-WAN solution

We have developed a flexible solution for highly dynamic organizations where there are many changes and performance problems which need to be resolved quickly. Our solution is built on three pillars:

The infrastructure, our infrastructure (Global Connectivity) portfolio and the existing infrastructure.

Infrastructure portfolio

VMware SD-WAN: the management system that connects all connections, Cloud services, locations, data centers, SaaS and Cloud applications.


Our Professional Services with which we design, organize and manage the SD-WAN technology.

Professional Services

VMware SD-WAN solution

VMware SD-WAN ensures that a reliable and stable WAN environment is created that works together with all connection types such as the internet, MPLS, LTE, Wi-FI, mobile, business internet services, and broadband. The SD-WAN technology combines the various connections available and the technology automatically selects the best routes for each application to ensure that users experience virtually no impact from connection quality issues. Even minor disruptions such as less bandwidth availability, package delays, or small amounts of package loss are resolved using the SD-WAN technology.

This is important because it is the small disruptions that have the greatest impact on the performance of applications and user experience. Even with 1 single connection, the SD-WAN technology improves the performance by reducing congestion and make quick adjustments without noticeable impact on the user experience

VMware SD-WAN Edge

State-of-the-art Enterprise solution that provides a secure optimized connection/connectivity to all applications at any location, including the private datacenters, public Clouds, and hybrid environments. The VMware SD-WAN Edge software is delivered zero-touch from the Cloud for fast, secure, efficient connections to applications and data. With Dynamic Multipath Optimization (DMPO) and extensive application recognition, the VMware SD-WAN Edge cleverly combines multiple connections (WAN, Cable, DSL, 4G-LTE) to ensure that data, voice, and video traffic is delivered using the best routes. This can be through other local VMware SD-WAN Edges, offices, private data centers, regional hubs, or Cloud applications.

This solution can be easily integrated with the existing network via the industry-standards routing protocols and is continuously optimized through dynamic learning and automation. The Edges provide high availability by using various redundancy protocols.

Virtual Network Functions
It is possible to integrate Virtual Network Functions (VNF) into the SD-WAN Edges. By virtually integrating Virtual Network Functions (VNF) of parties such as Fortinet, Zscaler, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, or other VNF solutions, the management of locations becomes simpler, faster, and more transparent. The VMware SD-WAN Edges consists of hardware and software combined in one device. The SD-WAN Edges are also available as a virtual solution that can be installed as a VM on your own hardware but are also available in the well-known Cloud “marketplaces” of AWS and Azure, among others.

“The benefits of SD-WAN were immediately noticeable for Stahl. With the help of the SD-WAN technology we can make optimal use of the total available bandwidth. More information can be transported over the same connections – this technology optimizes traffic.”

Roland Spierings, Global Infrastructure Manager

Worldwide Cloud and network Gateways

The Global Gateways are close by and optimize locally the routes to all global applications, offices, and data centers. At the same time, the Gateways facilitate local efficient access to Network Services (SDN) both in and to the Cloud. The Gateways are available worldwide (more than 500) and are close by or directly connected to the main Cloud and application and service providers such as Microsoft, AWS, Azure, and many other applications.

This reduces the quality and dependence on local internet because the global Gateway network can be used to reduce distances to other locations and/or Cloud applications. The Gateways provide scalability, redundancy, and flexibility when needed – without having to invest in this global infrastructure yourself.

The solution with the Gateways in combination with the Edges is hailed by Gartner® as the best solution for Enterprise organizations and is also the main reason why the VMware SD-WAN solution is the market leader.

The various patented techniques make it possible to offer one solution across all different Cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, and virtual network functions), connections, and locations, with an end-to-end overview for the management of the WAN environment. Techniques such as Dynamic Multipath Optimization (DMPO), Cloud VPN, and VMware SD-WAN Multisource Inbound Quality of Service make this possible.

VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator

With this secure and clear web-based central management tool it is easy to perform configuration, provisioning, monitoring, incident management, reporting, and analysis based on the advanced history and current data. With the Orchestrator it is easy to set up business-based policies. With this, the optimal settings for applications are configured or adjusted in an instant, while the necessary settings for more efficient traffic management are automatically configured in the background.

Using the zero-touch deployment capabilities of VMware SD-WAN, VMware SD-WAN can be installed quickly. The VMware SD-WAN Edge is shipped to the location where non-IT personnel can connect power and a few cables. Activation, configuration, and ongoing management are all handled in the central management environment of the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator. For the management of the Orchestrator, we offer different models, ranging from self-managed to fully managed by our experts. We call our management Managed WAN, consisting of our Professional Services for 24×7 management and proactive maintenance.

The technology of SD-WAN combines the various connections available and the technology automatically selects the best routes for each application to ensure that users experience virtually no impact from connection quality problems.


Global Certified On-site Engineers

Our engineers can provide independent support worldwide for connecting, integrating, error analysis, or replacing hardware and/or connections. These Professional Services allow us to go beyond providers and provide direct independent support on any location when required.

Simple WAN Management

Zero-touch implementations and configurations make management simple, flexible, and transparent overall connections, techniques, data centers, locations, Clouds, and (virtual) Network functions.

Guaranteed application performance

Regardless of the connections and techniques used, the performance of the most critical applications is improved.

Guaranteed bandwidth across all connections

SD-WAN increases bandwidth availability by combining all available connections, regardless of connection type or technology. The other techniques in VMware SD-WAN immediately improve performance even with a single connection.

Managed On-Ramp to the Cloud

Direct secure Cloud access with reliable performance, availability and low latencies due to global coverage.
“We make a difference by designing, building and proactively managing all of our flexible, reliable and carrier-neutral solutions with our Professional Services.”

Managing Director Horizon
Melvin Jellesma

Our Professional Services

Project Management

Our project managers are closely involved in the process; from the design to the development of the solutions, including the transfer to the management organization.

Global Logistics Services

A single point of contact for shipping and handling of hardware components worldwide, incl. support with customs clearance, import duties, installation, etc.


Service Management

Our service managers proactively monitor and ensure optimal performance for the best experience for your employees by responding to trends and changes.

Global Certified On-site Engineers

Use our engineers as your own employees and deploy them globally for migrations and support at (remote) locations without having to use local technical staff/employees.

Customer Mission Control Portal

Gain insight into all invoicing and solutions worldwide (including statuses) in one portal. Designed to fit your organization’s structure and hierarchy.

Design & Engineering

Together with the (solution) architects and consultants, our engineers create a design that exactly meets the requirements of all solutions, locations, and users.

24x7 Support & Monitoring

Our Global Mission Control Centre (NOC) manages all our global solutions. Our experienced, service-oriented experts even solve issues that aren’t our responsibility.

“At sea you have to deal with dynamic IP addresses and connections that are far from stable. Moreover, the available bandwidth is quite limited and you don’t want to think about complex IT configurations while sailing. The power of automatic connection and configuration thanks to SD-WAN was a big advantage for us.”

Hans Boele, Corporate ICT Manager

Infrastructure solutions


Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Business internet connections tailored to availability, flexibility, capacity, and delivery time. Guaranteed performance with customized repair times.

Broadband Internet

Business internet services with a good price/quality ratio and worldwide availability. Can be combined with Direct Internet Access for maximum optimization.


Data Center Internet (IP transit)

Business internet services that are provided in global (local) data centers. It offers the lowest latency. Available with flexible, scalable bandwidth options.


Mobile Internet, Satellite & Microwave Transmission

Mobile internet solutions with free roaming SIM cards. Customized satellite solutions. Radio (microwave) links for hard-to-reach areas with the same SLAs as business internet.


Global Ethernet

Ethernet offers transparent and easy-to-manage solutions between sites that are more cost-effective and efficient at higher bandwidths than, for example, MPLS. Low latencies. Fast delivery.


Global Secure Cloud

Easily connect worldwide with nearly 500 Cloud applications/digital ecosystems with 1 connection. Secure, direct private connections and improved performance with flexible bandwidth options.



Create a design that integrates with older networks (Layer 2 – EVPN or Layer 3 – IP VPN). Combine MPLS and IPSec DMVPNs for a solid infrastructure.


Dark fiber

Determine the method of lighting, equipment, and configuration of transport in order to set up the ideal configuration for the applications that you will use on the infrastructure.



Implement high bandwidth connections. Connects a remote backbone design or major hubs based on guaranteed capacity with high bandwidths.

We are Horizon Telecom

Horizon Telecom delivers communications, infrastructure, and security solutions worldwide with 24x7 proactive support and local management. With our independent experts, we work with the world’s best technology partners to connect the aspirations of our customers with flexible and reliable solutions that leverage proven innovations accredited by Gartner®.

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