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Case study CCV | Service Management

June 2, 2021

Given Horizon Telecom’s knowledge and expertise, the cooperation between CCV and Horizon Telecom means that CCV is able to offer its customers the entire range of first-class technical connectivity solutions they require.

The market leader in the electronic payment sector, the Dutch family business CCV (Computer Centrum Van der Velde) specializes in providing payment solutions for businesses. CCV now offers businesses in 15 countries a wide range of carefree payment solutions, from pin to online payments as well as fixed point-of-sale systems and mobile payment terminals, including service and support.

CCV has launched major initiatives, including pin payments, the OV chip card , loyalty cards, touch-free payments and the first web shop with a payment platform.

CCV faced the following challenges:

  • Revitalization of an existing service in a new environment with considerable competition, but which was lacking in in-house knowledge and expertise.
  • The successful launch and roll-out of a connectivity portfolio that had insufficient internal knowledge in its management, operations, and sales.

Download the case study and discover the provided solutions and eventual results!