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VMware SD-WAN Release 4.2.0

SD-WAN release
December 22, 2020
VMware SD-WAN release updates

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This latest release includes many new features, enhancements, and important fixes.

New features include:

  • Support for Multihop BGP and Multihop BFD
  • Support for VMware SD-WAN Edge 610-LTE and Edge 3810 platforms
  • GPON support on VMware SD-WAN Edge 6×0
  • Zscaler automation to assign and configure sub-locations
  • VMware Edge Network Intelligence™ is a new feature available in Release 4.1.0 for on-premise deployments only. Starting with Release 4.2.0, VMware Edge Network Intelligence will be available for both on-premises and VMware-hosted Orchestrators.
  • Reports adds four new report types, report templates with improved configuration, localization, and branding.
  • REST API v2
  • Orchestrator localization now includes German and French
  • Enhanced High-Availability support for VMware SD-WAN Edges which use a USB LTE Modem or have an LTE interface (Edge 510-LTE and Edge 610-LTE) Support for multiple IP addresses on VLAN interfaces
  • Support for multiple IP addresses on VLAN interfaces
  • Conditional backhaul for CSS traffic