The Benefits of SASE

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April 2, 2024

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The Benefits of SASE

Said Abouelouyoun explains

The digital revolution has facilitated a work-from-anywhere culture and the rise of cloud computing, both of which are catalyzing the global shift towards SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) adoption. Gartner projects that by 2025, 60% of enterprises will have made this shift, equipped with clear strategies and timelines for integrating SASE solutions.

Companies are swiftly moving to SASE, attracted by its ability to truly converge services. This technological transformation enables businesses to enhance their growth, boost security, and improve cost-efficiency, thereby revolutionizing workplace operations.

The Benefits of moving and boosting performance

  • Global availability: SASE’s cloud-powered Points of Presence ensure that users have continuous access to critical network and security services from any location, guaranteeing a consistently secure experience for everyone.
  • Simple Management: As organizations struggle with the complexity of numerous individual solutions, SASE offers a solution by introducing a unified management interface. This simplifies security upgrades and management across the entire organization.
  • Instant connectivity: Leveraging cloud technology, SASE architecture provides organizations with adaptable connectivity to meet intricate requirements. Whether it’s effortlessly uniting remote teams or swiftly integrating new resources, SASE makes global expansion more attainable.
  • Single-pass processing: With its innovative single-pass processing engine, SASE enhances the efficiency of packet processing. It adeptly combines various networking and security tasks in one go, ensuring flexibility and resourcefulness with barely any delay.
  • Maintenance-Free: SASE liberates IT departments from routine maintenance chores such as applying patches and replacing hardware, allowing them to dedicate more time to addressing the rapidly changing needs of the business.

The Benefit of increasing security via a unified policy

  • Uniform Security Across the Board: Traditional security devices often fail to adequately protect all network edges, lacking integral features like IPS, NGFW, and SWG. SASE addresses this gap by integrating a cohesive network framework, ensuring every endpoint receives equal protection through uniform policy application.
  • Centered on Identity: SASE allows organizations to craft network and security protocols based on user identity, moving beyond mere IP addresses. This approach reduces complexity and enhances security for accessing critical systems, irrespective of the user’s device or location.
  • Unrestricted Capacity: SASE removes the constraints of appliance capacity, enabling IT departments to secure all assets and uphold a robust security stance effortlessly.
  • Resilient and Self-recovering: SASE’s self-recovering capabilities provide businesses with the agility and reliability needed for a seamless, always-available service, thanks to its advanced failure recovery mechanisms.
  • Comprehensive Oversight: Offering full network transparency, SASE enables IT teams to maintain firm control and oversight, eliminating any potential blind spots. By consolidating all WAN and internet traffic through the centralized SASE Cloud, organizations can enjoy a heightened sense of security and tranquility.

The Benefit of removing complexity and reducing cost

  • Accelerated Return on Investment: SASE can enhance or even replace traditional MPLS networks, leading to immediate and substantial savings over costly MPLS connections.
  • Streamlined Expense Structure: By avoiding capital expenditures and the need for internal management and upkeep, SASE shifts all costs to operational expenses.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: SASE reduces both direct and indirect expenses associated with network and security management.
  • Direct Savings: By integrating all necessary network and security functionalities, SASE cuts out the expenses tied to acquiring separate solutions.
  • Indirect Savings: Traditional network solutions have burdened IT departments with maintenance, detracting from business growth. SASE revolutionizes this by offering a unified security and network platform, freeing IT from the exhaustive tasks of installation, configuration, and upkeep. This change allows IT teams to focus on propelling business forward.

Why Horizon Telecom

Are you ready to revolutionize the way your organization operates? Look no further than Horizon Telecom, your premium MSP partner for implementing SASE solutions. With our expertise in cloud computing and network security, we can help your organization accelerate its growth trajectory with enhanced security and cost-effectiveness. Let us help you remove complexity and reduce costs with SASE solutions and take your organization to the next level. With Horizon Telecom as your partner, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your network is secure and optimized for success.

Why do I have to embrace SASE?

As an IT director, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the complexity of managing a secure and efficient network infrastructure within an internationally operating organization. The benefits of implementing SASE solutions are significant: they not only ensure enhanced security and simplified management but also contribute to better performance and lower costs.

With Horizon Telecom as your partner, we offer you the opportunity to drastically change the operational method of your organization. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge in the field of cloud computing and network security, you are able to maximize the growth potential of your company and strengthen your competitive position in today’s rapidly changing market. SASE provides your enterprise with global accessibility, simplifies management, ensures direct connectivity, offers single-pass processing, implements a uniform security policy, and reduces both complexity and costs.

Contact us or register for a demo to experience firsthand how Horizon Telecom can unlock the potential of your organization and give you the confidence that your network is secure and optimally set up for success.