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4 reasons to choose for Cato SASE Cloud

Cato Networks | General news
February 9, 2022
cato sase cloud

Are you tired of the disadvantages of traditional internet infrastructures? The delay occurs because all of the organization’s Internet connections go through the firewall at the headquarters. And your colleagues at home and on the road who access company data and SaaS applications via a VPN connection but struggle to get a stable connection, making remote work almost impossible? Have you ever considered moving the entire internet infrastructure to the Cloud? Then read on quickly, because in this blog, we describe 4 reasons why Cato SASE Cloud is the solution for you and other organizations.

1. Cloud-based

Cato SASE Cloud is a Cloud platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. SASE is designed to offer a complete range of network and security functionalities from a single platform to all of your locations, applications, and users – wherever they are. SASE locates PoPs strategically around the world to offer optimum support for locations, applications, and users with the fastest, best and safest network connection. 

As mentioned by Gartner, the SASE PoPs must go much further than others supplying public Cloud platforms, such as AWS or Azure. SASE has to provide a service with minimal network connection delays to the locations, applications, and users within a company.

“One platform with network and security functionalities.”

cato sase cloud

2. Dedicated Backbone

SASE Cloud uses Cato Edge SD-WAN and the Cato Global Private backbone. Cato Edge SD-WAN is used for the connections between locations, applications, users, and the SASE Cloud. Cato Global Private backbone is a global SLA-supported platform of PoPs and multiple interconnected tier 1 carriers. 

This means that SASE Cloud also gives your company a single, secure, fast, and reliable global corporate network.

“Always the best connection between users, sites, SaaS applications and the SASE Cloud”

Cato SASE Cloud

3. Traditional infrastructure

Many companies are undergoing a digital transformation, where physical firewalls entail hazards such as the security of your digital working environment. How can you guarantee that your corporate data is secure in the Cloud and that SaaS applications defy hacking? Threats like phishing and malware are lying in ambush. The question is not whether but when your company will have to face up to these threats. Older, traditional MPLS networks provide this sort of security using physical firewalls and are susceptible to cybercrime because updates against new threats happen periodically.

The digital transformation demands a modern solution that is always up-to-date – like SASE – to protect corporate data. Choose a Cloud environment with network and security functionalities, combined with new SD-WAN and a dedicated backbone. This gives your company a single, global network solution that always provides the shortest, fastest, and most secure connection for optimum use of SaaS applications.

The question is not whether but when your company will have to face up to cybercrime

Cloud firewall cato sase

4. Cloud firewall

Cato Networks has assembled the most important network and security functionalities into a single platform, providing a single, complete network security solution in the SASE Cloud. This lets Cato Networks offer multiple security solutions, like Next-Generation Firewall, Secure Web Gateway, Anti-Malware and IPS as a Cloud service.

Use one security policy worldwide

This means that your company has a single, uniform, worldwide security policy for all locations, applications, users, and corporate data. This also saves on maintenance. Working with Cloud services like SASE means that maintenance and updates are performed for you automatically, so your SASE Cloud environment remains fast, reliable, and protected against the very newest threats at all times.

Do you also opt for a safe digital working environment with Cato SASE Cloud?

As you can see, Cato SASE Cloud offers lots of possibilities. If you have any questions or if you’d be interested in a no-obligation chat with one of our experts about what we have to offer, just get in touch by phone +31 (0) 20 226 1551 or by mail Or schedule an online meeting if you prefer.

Author | Mike Nuijs
Marketing & Communications Specialist

As a Marketing Communications Specialist at Horizon Telecom, my mission is to create great content to inform enterprise customers worldwide about our smart, efficient, and future-proof end-to-end connectivity solutions by writing.

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