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Did you know you can extend your Microsoft Teams solutions with these 3 options?

June 20, 2023

Microsoft Teams is a powerful communication tool that can be extended to improve customer service and communication capabilities. Which extension do you already use for your MS Teams solution?

#1 Add a reception desk to Microsoft Teams

One way to extend Teams is by adding a reception feature. The reception desk in Microsoft Teams gives the receptionist access to extra functionalities such as making callback notes and knowing whether a colleague is available or not. This feature can greatly improve communication within the organization and streamline the receptionist’s duties.

#2 Contact center integration with Microsoft Teams

Another way to extend Microsoft Teams is by integrating a contact center. This integration allows users to access customer data and interact with customers through chat, video calls, and document storage. By integrating a contact center with Microsoft Teams, you can provide better customer service and improve overall communication capabilities.

#3 Connect your CRM integration to Microsoft Teams, like Salesforce

Microsoft Teams also integrates with CRM systems, such as Salesforce. The Salesforce integration with Teams provides context about Salesforce records in Teams channels, chat conversations, calendar meetings, and video conferences. This integration is useful for sales and support desks as it gives them one-click access to Salesforce data and the ability to view Salesforce records in their Teams.