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How to put an end to legacy telephony?

RingCentral | Teams
September 19, 2023

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In an era where technology is developing at the speed of light, many companies still cling to outdated telephony systems. Managing legacy equipment and not being up to date on new solutions can pose a serious challenge, especially for international offices. But there is good news: Horizon Telecom is ready to transform and simplify your telephony environment.
One solution for all your telephony needs
At Horizon Telecom we understand the complexity of global telephony and the burden of legacy systems. With our unique Voice platform integration, we offer one SIP trunk, one point of contact, and one invoice for all your telephony channels and numbers worldwide. It doesn’t matter where your branches are located; we provide a seamless and centralized solution.

Discover Cloud telephony: With RingCentral or Microsoft Teams
The solution to your challenge lies in the Cloud. Horizon Telecom offers the option to migrate to advanced Cloud communication platforms such as RingCentral or Microsoft Teams. This means you are no longer bothered by physical hardware and you are always up to date with the latest features and security updates. With RingCentral or Microsoft Teams, you can call anywhere in the world, from any location and with any application, while keeping your existing numbering plan. This means seamless connectivity for all your international locations, without having to worry about legacy equipment.

Try Calling for Microsoft Teams or RingCentral for 3 months for free and without obligation with 20 users!
Actions speak louder than words. That’s why we invite you to try Calling for RingCentral or Microsoft Teams for 3 months for free and without obligation with 20 users. A unique opportunity to discover the future of business communication without any obligation, because you can cancel free of charge after 3 months.

The benefits: we globally make telephony fun and simple for you!
Horizon Telecom understands that international locations bring specific challenges. And this is exactly where we excel. We make your communication more efficient and remove the worries of legacy equipment, especially in foreign offices. In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to submit all their invoices and from now on receive a 30% discount on unlimited calling! See, that’s nice and simple.

Ready, Set, Test & Go!
Would you like to try Microsoft Teams or RingCentral for free and without obligation? I would be happy to help you during a call or cup of coffee at your or our office. Contact me via the button below and I look forward to talk to you soon!

With kind regards & a smile,

André van Schaik
Matchmaker Horizon Telecom