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Impressive NPS score of 51 for Horizon Telecom’s the superior customer experience!

General news
August 17, 2023
Amsterdam, August 17th, 2023 | Horizon Telecom has significantly simplified telecom services for international organizations by strongly emphasizing superior customer experience. The independent telecom-as-a-service provider is rewarded for its approach with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 51. Furthermore, for customers served by their dedicated account teams, the NPS reaches an impressive 75. Horizon Telecom achieved this by leveraging in-depth market and customer knowledge to streamline all its processes. This disruptive approach has integrated superior customer experience not only into Horizon Telecom’s business strategy but also for its employees.
Unlike traditional providers in the international corporate telecom solutions market, Horizon Telecom has made things easier for customers. They offer customers 1 contact, 1 contract, 1 Service Level Agreement (SLA), and 1 invoice, regardless of the many collaborating parties involved. Horizon Telecom also handles complex currency transactions on behalf of the customer and provides advanced tooling, such as the Global Control Portal, enabling customers to manage all of their global security, communications, and infrastructure in 1 platform.

This extreme simplification of processes, together with the personal approach, ensures a superior experience that customers won’t find elsewhere. Additionally, Horizon Telecom operates in a carrier-neutral manner, granting customers the freedom and flexibility they seek. As a result, Horizon Telecom has achieved an impressive NPS score of 51, positioning Horizon Telecom well ahead in the B2B Telecom industry. Furthermore, Horizon Telecom now enters the list of generic top performers in the realm of customer experience. Only absolute top performers achieve an NPS score exceeding 50.

This extreme simplification of processes, together with the personal approach, ensures a superior experience that customers won’t find elsewhere.

Horizon Telecom has deeply embedded superior customer experience in its business strategy and culture. Employees are selected, encouraged, and trained continuously to focus on in-depth market knowledge, understanding customer needs, and fulfilling them. This focus on superior customer experience ensures consistent, flexible, and high-quality service delivery for customers and promotes exceedingly happy employees.

“Achieving an NPS of 51 is proof of our personalized and flexible approach and the passionate dedication of our employees to making people happy every day. For years it has been our strategy: We make people happy,” says Melvin Jellesma, CEO of Horizon Telecom. “We strive to keep things simple and enjoyable for our customers, so we will continue to pursue service excellence and take pride in this positive feedback from our customers. Tomorrow, we aim to be even better than today!”

Horizon Telecom remains committed to investing in customer experience and innovative solutions to support customers’ digital transformations with simplicity.

About Net Promoter Score
The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measurement tool used to measure customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. It is a popular method in the business world to understand how customers perceive a particular brand, product or service and how likely they are to recommend it to others.

About Horizon Telecom

Horizon Telecom is an international independent next-generation telecom-as-a-service provider. Established in 2014, Horizon Telecom operates globally in a carrier-neutral manner and currently orchestrates the mission-critical digital infrastructure of over 200 clients, 24/7.

At Horizon Telecom, customers have the autonomy to select from smart and globally available solutions for communication, connectivity, security, and related professional services. The company collaborates worldwide with 1,400 partners and 2,200 data centers across more than 190 countries and 8,500 cities. Customers get 1 contact, 1 contract, 1 SLA (Service Level Agreement), and 1 invoice, regardless of the collaborating parties. The company handles currency transactions and supports clients in their language.

Horizon Telecom is exceptionally committed to a customer-centric approach. With an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 51, the company significantly outperforms competitors within the sector. Horizon Telecom features its own Network Operating Centre (NOC), a distinctive Global Voice Platform, and an advanced Global Control Portal for its clients. The company exclusively partners with entities accredited by Gartner® and maintains collaborations and the highest premium certifications with major carriers and leading entities such as Cato Networks, RingCentral, Zscaler, and VMware.

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