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Horizon Telecom

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Carrier-Neutral Solutions

Get the best connectivity solution with a tailored design and bundle your connectivity and multi-cloud solutions in one design with one invoice, one contract and one point of contact.

24x7 Services Management

Get network management relief with pro-active management and monitoring. Our Global Mission Control Centre gives you peace-of-mind.

Verizon service Agency

We are the only Verizon Distributor in the Netherlands, our focus is on customer satisfaction with our project and service management, for more than 10 years.





Our promise


Tailored solutions not bound to any network, carrier, cloud and technology


Network management relief with your own Global Mission Control Centre harmonizing and consolidating all contracts, invoices and contacts.

Bespoke design

Our Carrier-Neutral designs focusses on solutions, needs instead of carrier footprint and technology.


Easily merge multiple carrier/clouds in a hybrid network for maximum uptime and redundancy.


Interconnect easier with more choices, designs and sourcing options to choose from and integrate with.


Get future-proof designs, with maximum agility and flexibility.

Ready to join the revolution?

Carrier-Neutral Design

Get the best connectivity solution with a tailored Carrier-Neutral design and bundle and integrate with a multi-cloud solution in one netwerk. All with one invoice, one contract and one point of contact.

Ready to join the revolution?

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