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7 reasons why analysts recommend SASE

Cato Networks | Security
October 4, 2023
In 2019, Gartner unveiled SASE—a revolutionary fusion of network and security, culminating in a unified, cloud-native powerhouse. This encompassed SD-WAN, FWaaS, CASB, SWG, ZTNA, and more. As years have elapsed since its inception, it’s crucial to delve into the perspectives of industry leaders. What do the foremost analysts opine about SASE? Let’s embark on this journey to uncover their insights and assessments.

1. Convergence Trumps Added Features

The Futuriom report emphasizes that SASE reflects a broader trend of integrating tech tools with cloud systems. Point solutions complicate IT tasks, heighten security risks, and slow networks. SASE combines networking and security in a unified cloud platform, offering enhanced efficiency and effectiveness through streamlined processing, comprehensive intelligence, and simplified network management.


2. SASE: The Ultimate Convergence

SASE epitomizes convergence. Gartner’s 2022 prediction stressed its superior coverage compared to multiple integrated solutions. Converged Security Platforms outperform individual components, creating efficiencies. Achieving this convergence requires core capabilities leveraging a single-pass engine for threat prevention, data protection, and network acceleration.

“SASE prevents fragmentation of policymaking across eight different tools, ensuring a uniform security policy in every situation.”


3. Gradual Migration, not Revolution

Senior Forrester Analyst, David Holnes, advises a gradual approach to SASE implementation. Start small and expand according to your needs and pace. While SASE is significant, rushing network and security overhaul is unwise. Transformation might span months or years, tailored to the organization’s demands.


4. Unification and Simplification with SASE

John Burke, Nemertes’ CTO and Principal Analyst, emphasizes the unification of policy environments with SASE: “No longer are policies defined across eight disparate tools, ensuring a consistent security stance across contexts.” SASE integrates networking and security seamlessly, providing all users with comprehensive security and optimized network performance.

5. Speed, Agility, and Business Differentiation

Andre Kindnes, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research: “The network is the business’ key differentiator.” SASE boosts agility, adds value, and optimizes costs. IT enjoys streamlined operations with self-service and centralized management. Updates and fixes are seamless, minimizing disruptions.

“SASE is the ‘pandemic insurance’ for what the future holds. It prepares companies and networks for growth, mergers, digital transformation, or shifting network patterns.”


6. SASE: Future-Proofing the Business

John Burke hails SASE as ‘pandemic insurance’ for what comes next. It future-proofs business and network for ongoing growth, be it a pandemic, digital transformation, M&A, or shifting network patterns. SASE empowers organizations with unmatched speed and agility.”


7. Elevating IT Work from Tactical to Strategic

Mary Barton, a Consultant at Forrester, emphasizes the boon of remote system deployment for IT staff satisfaction. With complex challenges like traffic issues and application optimization at the forefront, morale soars. A robust network directly influences business health, safeguarding productivity and profitability. This optimization empowers IT to tackle pivotal tasks, unburdened by routine maintenance.

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