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Discover our Magic 5 for telephony!

RingCentral | Teams
October 16, 2023

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Simplify your business communications, save time and costs, and stay competitive in the rapidly changing business world with our Magic 5!


1. Simplicity in telephony

Digitization forces you to keep up. This also applies to telephony. Simplicity seems to be the magic word. At Horizon Telecom we understand the challenges companies face in managing and maintaining legacy telephony systems. We make it simple for you.


2. Future-proof without worries

Maintaining and managing outdated telephone systems. This not only takes a lot of time, but also the knowledge of outdated systems fades away. And you don’t want inefficiency and unnecessary costs. At Horizon Telecom we take away these concerns. Our mission is to completely relieve you of your telephony needs worldwide. We understand that the transition to a new, modern solution is essential, which is why we offer you solutions to switch to RingCentral or Microsoft Teams, the two leading cloud communication platforms of the moment.


3. All-in-1

With RingCentral or Microsoft Teams, you have access to an all-in-one communications platform that can be used anywhere in the world, from any location, and with any application. Whether you’re on the road, working from home, or in the office, RingCentral or Microsoft Teams offer the flexibility you need to communicate efficiently. Our unique Voice platform integration allows you to manage all your communication channels and numbers worldwide with just one SIP trunk, one point of contact, and one invoice. This means you can save time and resources while taking advantage of advanced communications capabilities.


4. Try it for free

If you’re not quite sure yet, just try it anyway. With us, you can try out Calling for RingCentral or Microsoft Teams for teams of 10 users or more for 3 months for free and without obligations. There are no obligations and no hidden costs. After 3 months you can cancel free of charge if it does not meet your expectations. Finally, modernize your communications without hassle.


5. 30% Discount on unlimited calling

As an extra, we offer our customers the opportunity to submit all their invoices and from now on receive a 30% discount on unlimited calling. At Horizon Telecom we not only make it simple and enjoyable but also cost-efficient. In short, if you struggle with managing and maintaining legacy telephony systems, now is the time to make the switch to a modern, all-in-one communications solution with Horizon Telecom.

Does this sound good? Call me!

Simplify your business communications, save time and costs, and stay competitive in the rapidly changing business world. Sign up with me today for our exclusive offer and discover how Horizon Telecom can help you modernize and grow in the modern business telephony environment!

Kind regards & with a smile,

André van Schaik
Matchmaker Horizon Telecom