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Is everything ready for employees to return to the office?

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March 7, 2022
I want one communication solution using Microsoft Teams that I can access anywhere at any time.

The transition to modern work environments is in full swing

In the early days of the pandemic, the sudden need for employees to work outside the secure confines of the corporate network was a challenge for many IT departments. The majority of employees now work from home.

The infrastructure
After an initial struggle to establish secure and stable remote connections to applications and data in multi-cloud environments, data centers, and corporate servers, this technological landscape has gradually become the “new normal”. Now, things are slowly starting to turn as employees head back to the office, encountering a host of outdated technical issues and workarounds.

Return to a new normal
IT departments face new challenges to identify and implement secure long-term solutions. Their first task is to test the data flows against the available bandwidth. The use of collaboration tools and video conferencing generates real-time data traffic across the corporate network, and employees are using much more cloud-based applications than before the pandemic. Also, in the office, employees expect the same audio and video quality in real-time, and they need access rights for the applications they use at home. Enterprise networks based on traditional infrastructure and reliant on on-premises components will have to put their bandwidth and transmission capacity through severe tests.

In light of this, here’s a list of requirements that IT departments can use to prepare for hybrid work:

Consistent work environments
Network capacity planning and performance monitoring
Troubleshoot legacy technology

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