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VMware SD-WAN Release, 4.3.1 and 4.2.2

SD-WAN release
March 16, 2022
VMware SD-WAN release updates
This release includes various important features, fixes, and enhancements and is recommended for all who require the features and functionality made available in Release 4.3.0. This release also fixes impacting issues that have been released since Release 4.2.0.
New features include:
  • Full IPv6 Support delivers IPv6 on SD-WAN overlay including IPv6 business policy, IPv6 stateful firewall, IPv6 NAT, partner gateway handoff with BGPv6 and BFDv6
  • Gateway performance improvement delivers scale, operational simplification, and up to 1.5x-6x performance improvement for managed service provider partners who deploy and operate SASE points of presence leveraging the VMware SASE solution
  • Unified administration for SASE services through the new Angular UI
  • Introduction of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability. DLP enhances protection against enterprise data leaks by providing enhanced capabilities to detect and prevent sensitive data from loss and theft across the network. It also ensures compliance with stringent security requirements (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and other data privacy laws).
  • VMware Edge Network Intelligence self-healing capability is available for applications residing in the data center or in a private cloud. Self-healing analyzes global conditions, increasing operational efficiency and delivering better user experience.
  • The upgrades of the hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrators and VMware SD-WAN Gateways will start within 2 weeks and are expected to end within 2 months.
  • A banner with more details will be posted on the enterprise-hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrators at least one week prior to the scheduled upgrade. In addition to the banner, email notifications about the upgrades will be sent to the partner admins and direct customer admins.