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More options in our customer portal!

General news
December 22, 2021
customer portal

This year, our service team worked hard to optimise and expand our services. At the start of the year, we interviewed customers about their experiences with our services and customer portal: what is going well? What can be improved? And what is missing? The next step was to evaluate what our customers found important, along with our service team, and to develop and implement this.

The feedback led to new possibilities in the customer portal

Much of the feedback related to our customer portal. Customers wanted to see more information about the services purchased. Which sites purchase which services? This can now be conveniently found in a clear overview including a map for visual purposes. The portal now also shows customers a connection’s status, such as the bandwidth. Customers can also view these statuses for previous periods.

customer portal

We also made changes to our portal’s ticketing system. Customers were already able to create tickets, but still needed to retrieve all the relevant information themselves. We have simplified this process. Customers can now create a ticket by selecting a service; any relevant information (such as location, contract number and supplier) will then be immediately linked to the ticket, allowing for our support department to respond more swiftly to failures.

We have also updated and improved the invoicing section in the portal. With just a couple of clicks, customers can view invoices for all websites around the world. We have kept it as simple as possible so that it is clear which costs are recurrent and predictable, and which are non-recurrent costs related to maintenance or the purchase of an additional service.

We have made many more changes, but these are a few that we are proud of as a team. Would you like to catch up with our service team about these and other changes? Feel free to schedule a chat using the button below.