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What Are the Benefits Of SSE?

Cato Networks | General news | Security
February 13, 2024
What Are the Benefits Of SSE?

Ket Chu from Horizon Telecom explains:

Enterprises can benefit greatly by leveraging a cloud-native, globally distributed architecture with SSE (or Security Service Edge) capabilities. By combining SWG, CASB / DLP, and ZTNA into one streamlined service offering, organizations can reap the rewards of convergence without sacrificing security and performance along their journey toward Gartner’s envisioned SASE (Secure Access Security Edge). Discover how enterprise IT teams may benefit from an advanced converged SSE solution provided by the ideal network security vendor. 

Consistent Security Policy Enforcement 

SSE offers unmatched security by establishing a worldwide network that connects all endpoints to form a secure platform. Every data exchange between any two points undergoes thorough scrutiny, guaranteeing the enforcement of policies without compromise, irrespective of location or budget constraints. Furthermore, this safeguard extends beyond human-driven device interactions to encompass applications and IoT devices, providing comprehensive enterprise coverage for securing both existing and modern networks. 

Reduced Attack Surface with Zero Trust Access (ZTA) 

Through SSE, organizations can leverage the advantage of zero-trust access, ensuring that users only gain access to authorized applications. This method employs either an application overlay network featuring pre-defined connectors or identity-aware segmentation combined with rigorous deep packet security inspection to establish verified trust. In both scenarios, threats are identified, and data undergoes continuous monitoring to detect anomalies such as malicious attacks and potential data loss. 

Elastic, High-Performance Security Inspection   

SSE offers a comprehensive solution for establishing secure and efficient connectivity across various cloud environments. Its network of Points of Presence (PoPs) utilizes low-overhead physical infrastructure or public cloud nodes, enabling rapid scaling without compromising user experience or data security. With points of presence strategically located within 25ms of every business location, SSE ensures optimal local and global routing, providing scalability that can be adjusted based on consumer requirements. 

Improved Security Posture 

SSE providers are expert professionals in security and cloud services, offering invaluable support to organizations. Their Security Operations Centers (SOCs) diligently monitor the cyber threat landscape, promptly identifying vulnerabilities or potential threats and deploying effective mitigations. This service not only alleviates the pressure on internal IT staff but also delivers expert-level protection, reducing risks associated with both known and emerging threats while minimizing attack surfaces consistently. 

SSE Reduces IT Workload without Customer Involvement 

SSE providers facilitate a fully managed cloud service with automated features to ensure continuous operation and timely updates. This results in a reduced total cost of ownership, enabling IT resources to focus on more value-generating activities rather than routine maintenance tasks. To enhance uptime, users can smoothly transition between Points of Presence (PoPs) in case of connectivity issues, thanks to the high availability designed into the system. 

Cato SSE 360: Total Visibility, Optimization, and Control of All Enterprise Traffic   

Maximize your security capabilities with Cato SSE 360. This all-encompassing solution ensures complete visibility, optimization, and control over all users, applications, and traffic. It goes even further by enabling a transition into a simplified networking and security infrastructure (SASE), extending its benefits. Beyond enhancing operational efficiency and bolstering cybersecurity posture, Cato brings about significant cost savings and agility, empowering businesses to thrive in any digital environment. Experience the potential of better security today! 

Why Horizon Telecom 

As a globally operating organization, you require a premium MSP partner capable of offering advanced security solutions to protect your valuable assets. Enter Horizon Telecom. Through Cato SSE, we deliver comprehensive visibility, optimization, and control over all traffic, users, and applications worldwide, ensuring your peace of mind.  

Contact us today or sign up for a demonstration to personally experience how Horizon Telecom can equip you to stay competitive in the ever-changing marketplace. Select Horizon Telecom as your premium MSP partner and stay ahead of the competition. 

Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with XDR: Cato Networks’ Innovative Approach

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, Cato Networks has introduced groundbreaking advancements, including the world’s inaugural SASE-based extended detection and response (XDR) and the pioneering SASE-managed endpoint protection platform (EPP). The Cato SASE Cloud platform signifies a significant milestone in the industry’s progression toward a more secure, converged, and responsive cybersecurity framework. Through the seamless integration of SASE with XDR and EPP capabilities, this innovative platform represents a transformative shift in addressing cybersecurity challenges. The Cato XDR tool, crafted by analysts for analysts, is a prime example of this paradigm shift. Not only does it enable efficient servicing of more customers with fewer analysts, thereby increasing revenue, but its exceptional ability to remediate threats faster than alternative solutions also results in enhanced security and heightened satisfaction for end customers.