Which SSE Can Replace All of Your Physical Firewall?

Cato Networks | General news
February 20, 2024

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Which SSE Can Replace All of Your Physical Firewall?

Understanding the challenges of migrating data center firewalls is crucial when considering cloud security. Datacenter firewalls (FWs) manage more than just internet access; they control WAN traffic, enforce strict LAN segmentation, and ensure reliability. Grasping their multifunctional role is essential to understand how a Security Service Edge (SSE) can replace a physical data center FW.  

Enhanced Internet Security: 

  • Seamlessly guide all internet traffic with customizable rule configurations. 
  • Featuring a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) for comprehensive website control and detailed event logs. 
  • Powerful built-in threat prevention delivers anti-malware and IPS capabilities. 

Robust WAN and LAN Security: 

  • Ensure the security of WAN traffic through the inclusion of a dedicated WAN firewall within the SSE. 
  • VLAN traffic undergoes thorough inspection at the nearest SSE Point of Presence (PoP) for heightened security measures. 

Cato’s SSE 360: 

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