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Monitoring the digital experience requires teamwork

General news | Zscaler Security
March 1, 2022

The transition to modern work environments is in full swing

The world of hybrid workplaces demands network management and support teams to ensure that collaboration tools and SaaS services are always available, and able to respond quickly to performance issues. When insight into SaaS environments, video conferencing, and mobile devices are necessary for troubleshooting, performance monitoring becomes a cross-border team effort.

Hybrid workplace
The transition to modern workplaces is in full swing; due to that, there are also changes in monitoring requirements. A Cloud-based environment with mobile workers empowers network administrator’s, operations and helps desk workers detect new latency issues and packet loss – so results don’t impact staff. As applications are stored in SaaS landscapes, the infrastructure, and public Cloud environments, partners and customers access assets outside their network via mobile devices, IT loses track of the data flows needed for performance monitoring.

User experience
Diagnosing application and network problems without the availability of metrics is always a challenge when external employees need access to internal applications. In a VPN model, the underlying ‘network hops’ are hidden in the VPN tunnel and invisible to monitoring tools. It is difficult to filter out the cause of WiFi latency of packet loss at the gateway in such a scenario. It becomes even more difficult in video conferencing when employees from different locations and dial-in service providers and applications from mobile device bottlenecks can cause problems. While every company uses monitoring tools across departments, they usually work in silos without an integrated, cross-departmental view.