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Zscaler and RingCentral, these are the advantages!

General news | RingCentral | Zscaler Security
March 3, 2022

If you use RingCentral, the application should start immediately when you need it. Organizations’ network and security architecture often cause delays; this can be done faster with Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange.

Organizations are increasingly working in the Cloud, using UCaaS applications such as RingCentral. The network and security architecture is often cumbersome for Cloud applications. For example, traditional firewalls are used at the head office, so you first have to set up a VPN connection to the head office and then connect to the RingCentral application via the internet. As you will understand, this is a lot of connections to get to your application. Many connections mean a longer loading time of the RingCentral application on your computer and a delay in your calls.

Zscaler has the ideal solution for this! Zscaler’s Zero Trust Exchange allows you to connect directly from your computer to RingCentral. We call this Direct to Cloud Access. Because you connect to RingCentral via the Zero Trust Exchange, this direct connection is not only short and fast but also safe! After all, you do not go through the public internet, but through a secure tunnel to the Zero Trust Exchange and from there directly to the RingCentral data center. Do you want to know what the options are for you? Then schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.